Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

Quaco Light, New Brunswick, Canada



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Light”

    1. Thank you, Lori! I was browsing my shots, pondering what to do with the subject Light, when I came across this from 2009. I still remember the moment because the fog looked so special that day.

  1. In Swedish: Stammningsfull. Oh, I can’t spell any longer in my native language, plus I don’t have all the necessary keys, but I know you get it.

    PS. I answered your question about my age in yesterday’s post. Plus gave out some more information in case you want to go and take a look. If not, I was 22.

    1. Thank you, Inger! Yes, I go back and forth in between the two all the time. I installed Swedish keyboard additional to the regular US English. Then I switch with ALT + SHIFT.
      I'm going there to look, couldn't find the box where you subscribe to comments…

  2. Rebekah,
    I have to admit that I stole this photo for my desktop. If that's not OK with you, I will delete it. But every time I look at it – it brings on in me such a softening relaxation, that I couldn't resist. I just want to look at it every time I sit down at the computer.
    Thanks, Lori

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