Remember what date it is — wrapping up March

1st of April! Won’t be any April Fools joke here … I’ve already seen so many. Woke up 5AM for some reason and just couldn’t go back to sleep. Read in that the gas prices were going up with about 30 cents today. They had this link that said: ‘click here to see how much it will be in your city’. Clicking on that took me  to a APRIL FOOL’s page.

Gmail had something about Gmail Motion … that you could talk to the computer and tell Gmail what to do with gestures, I think … didn’t check it out too closely. Speaking of Gmail, it’s already been seven years since it was released! I remember that well — I wanted it so badly, but you needed an invitation and I had to wait several days before I got a hold of one! If my memory serves me right, they offered 2GB of storage back then and everyone thought that was immense! I look at my account now and see that I have 7.5GB. Files are getting larger … when a photo comes out of my camera now it’s 3MB.

We’ve been waiting, this morning, to get walloped and right now, after I started typing this post, it has started. It’s already almost a white-out! The last nor’easter, one would think. We’re going to get ten centimeters of snow but then it will turn into rain so that won’t mean much.

Can hardly believe I’ve already done three months of this blogging challenge! 25% ! It has been, and IS, a lot of fun! Each morning, I look forward to writing something as I have my coffee. There have been a few mornings when I’ve been totally clueless at first, but in the end I always come up with something. I have a few drafts in store too, in case it should get really bad! At least I don’t have to stick to one topic.

Today, I’m writing later than usual, even though I got up that early! I have had trouble connecting my Flickr account with my Facebook, and I started messing around with that again. It’s not at all important, and in the light of what I said yesterday about ‘letting go‘, I really should have given up on it, but I couldn’t. I was like a dog with a rag …. just because the problem existed, I had to do something about it. I don’t know how long it took me, but now they’re finally connected and I got a new Yahoo account in the process! Just what I needed LOL…

These, two pictures were taken yesterday in Millidgeville … a bit outside town. It was a glorious day, no wind, warm and nice. When we were there, and I was taking a few pictures, there was also a young family … the kids playing. As I was heading back to the car, I heard the father calling out to his son … in SWEDISH! Took a few seconds for my brain to register that it was for real, but I walked over to him and said ‘Did I just hear you say something in Swedish?’ He said yes, and we started talking a little. He was the first fellow country man I’ve met here in Saint John. He and his Canadian wife had lived here a couple of years, after having lived for ten years in Sweden. She came over too, and her Swedish wasn’t bad at all. It was fun!



5 thoughts on “Remember what date it is — wrapping up March”

  1. I totally understand being a dog with a rag. Something does not work right and it will drive me nuts until I fix it. Trying to get Posterous and Momentile to connect with Facebook drove me nuts. NUTS. I finally downloaded Firefox and I can connect with it, but not with Chrome. I have no idea why. So now I keep Firefox just for that purpose. But I am at peace!!

    1. Juliana,
      Ha ha! Yes! I'm at peace too now, and I like my new Yahoo account 🙂
      Momentile is terrible to having to deal with. I thought it would be better with the new, but it got worse.

  2. The only problem I had with Momentile is it quit posting to FB. And when I tried to reset it, there was nothing to click on. But I tried it at work where they have Firefox, and there I could do it. When it quit again, I downloaded it here and no problem. I wonder the link does not show up in Chrome? But other than that, I have no trouble with it.

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