Doctor A$$hole

In the little clinic where I worked the last, eight years before I moved to Canada, one of the doctors was ….less liked than the other ones.

If you’ve ever seen the TV-series DOC, with Billy Ray Cyrus … there was one character — Dr. Oliver Crane — who personified our Dr. In hindsight, I feel a little sorry for this doctor … I think he had serious issues with himself, but at work he was just such a nuisance. He was bitter, didn’t show much empathy towards the patients and he sucked up to people that were higher up in the social hierarchy. He was an excellent administrator and obviously should have chosen a different line of work. He could have gone into research or something where he didn’t have any patient contacts.

Anyway, he and I got along … not fine, but … alright — we never had any fall-out like all the others had with him. He was never mean to me. There were times when I wanted to slap him with a wet trout, but in general … all the people in the clinic were thankful that I was the one who had to handle both him and the computer network.

At one point, he went to the States on some medical conference. At the same time he took time out to travel around a little so he was away for two weeks. He went to Colorado.

In order for this to make sense, I must tell you that he loved to put people in their place … to really show what a know-it-all he was.

One night, I’d been online [as usual], chatting with my friend in Idaho. She’d been to the eye doctor that day, and mentioned to me, in passing, that she’d seen two marmots, playing in the parking lot. I didn’t know the word ‘marmot’, and even if she’d said ‘groundhog’ that wouldn’t have helped. There is a word in Swedish for this animal, of course … it’s «murmeldjur», but we don’t have them in Europe. Up until 2004 I’d never seen one in real life, and not a raccoon either for that matter.

In any event, I was always eager to pick up new words and expressions in English, so I looked it up in the dictionary that I always kept beside the computer, and that was that.

The following day, Dr. A. was back from Colorado. I was downstairs in the server room and he came in there to see how things were going. He was wearing a very nice sweatshirt with the word MARMOT all over it.

I just glanced at him and said ‘Nice sweatshirt!’ He smiled and said … in a demure sort of voice … you know the type of voice people use when they are certain that the other person won’t know what they’re about to tell … ‘Yes, thank you! Do you know what the word MARMOT means?’

Need I say anything more?! 🙂  Thank you, Angharod.



16 thoughts on “Doctor A$$hole”

  1. You're on my wavelength this morning…I'm having a cream cheese muffin…and laughing at yer Doc Marmot…

    He compares to an engineer I encountered at my job in a factory once upon a long time ago. Smarmy lil' prick was unbearable until THE day he wanted to belittle me over some parts we were demonstrating to a couple of the bigwig suits in the company…it involved simply showing how we used the newly discovered 'super glue' to manufacture the product. Any moron knows it only takes 1 drop of the glue to adhere almost anything…

    So he says to me…

    "You're not doing it right!"

    "Really? Could you show me where I'm making the mistake?

    I stood up and let him have my seat and handed over the small parts…you KNOW where this is going don't YOU…

    "You need to use more glue…"

    He slathered on the glue and squeezed the parts together and held them up like a kindergartener for the bigwigs to admire….who nodded and then stared at him when he couldn't put the part down…he'd glued the whole part and his fingers together…he looked at me, them, his hand and the sky…

    "I'm stuck"

    In the entire plant there was 1 quart of acetone to repair such accidents…you know it took me some time before I tracked down that little container that freed the 'engineer' up to continue his tour.

    1. I found them eventually … Cream Cheese Muffins, in Calais, ME.

      *ROFL* at the glue! Wonderful story.

      Did you remember that visit to the eye clinic and the marmots? 🙂

  2. What a great story! Funny how things cross our path just when the 'student' is ready for them? Our mountains have marmots and the prairies have a small rat/dog type of creature called a prairie dog. They burrow holes into fields and makes for uneven terrain for farmers. Worse, they burrow holes into side of dams and that makes for flooding and other dangers. Needless to say, there are those that love the creatures and others that abhor them. National Geographic has some good photos of them here : Prairie Dogs
    Do you have them in your area too?

    1. Marge,
      Yes, it's funny … had it been a day earlier, I wouldn't have known what marmot was. Here we have only groundhogs/marmots. People with gardens wouldn't be too happy about them.

      What a gorgeous, little creature! Thanks for the link…

  3. thank you for the laugh – needed that today. Isn't it grand when the universe gives you a chance to fire a shot, so to speak, without anyone being harmed.
    walk in beauty,

  4. Yeah, I do remember that time…it was the beginning of my vision restoration. I was scared to death I might never see what little I could…and seeing the wee marmots waddling around the grounds, which lay on the banks of the Spokane River was a special first for me…though in other places I'd seen many Prairie Dogs, and around Southern Idaho there is a similar critter called Rock Chucks; these Marmots were kept fat and happy by treats from passers by and staff members at that clinic.

    1. Late Fall, they're fattened up here in the park too … people feed them peanuts.

      Gerry thinks it's like a new world after his vision restoration…

      1. Yeppers…it was for me too. Unfortunately I still have age related macular degeneration, so my days of clear vision are numbered now. I will try one last time to correct what's left with new glasses, but was told last time that my sight was as good as it would ever get…so I don't know if anymore can be done. I've been taking Lutein for years now to at least slow the process down. It's not like blindness…one just can't see what in the direct line of vision..only what's around it….kinda tough to read the Jeopardy board…*S*…or see the kid on the bike directly in front of ya…THUMP!

  5. Brilliant story – and you got one up on him after being educated (great timing!) about marmots! Deflated his ego in one fell swoop – good for you. That put him in his place, didn't it? hehe!

    1. Thank you, Barb!
      Yes, it was deflated at least for that particular moment. He'd brush that off in no time. People like that sort of brings out the worst in you..

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