Once in a Lifetime

One year ago, to the day, we pulled in on Hanover Street. This street, in this little industrial area, leads down to Marsh Creek … a stinky place where many ducks hang around. We keep going there, because every now and then you can get to see some really odd bird. This time of year, in particular! I didn’t have any greater expectations, but I always look because you just never know who you might meet. This day last year proved to be one of those times!

Got out of the car on the parking lot, glanced a little to my right. It took a few seconds for my brain to register that what I saw was for real!

In the middle of the marsh, there’s some piece of land sticking up, and there he was! Feasting on some poor bird that he’d caught.

It’s quite far away, but I had the long lens on my camera … at least I didn’t have to mess with changing lenses, but I was so excited my hands were trembling!

I snuck up as close as I could get to the edge, and shot, probably fifty pictures, before he took off.


Today, one year later, I brought up the blogging page as usual, but my mind was more blank than usual. Looked at the suggested topic, but that didn’t appeal to me at all. Was meaning to either wait till later, or take one of my drafts that I have in store. It’s rare that my mind is this blank! Then I got one last idea … ‘Why not check out Flickr and see what you did last year on this date?!’ Turned out this was the day I saw the eagle and it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

I don’t know what type of bird it was he had there, but he tried to lift it up and take off. Apparently it was too heavy for him … he kept doing this with his wings several times. All pictures are clickable.

I’m very thankful to have these photos in my album because I’ll probably never get this close to a Bald Eagle again.









16 thoughts on “Once in a Lifetime”

  1. Oh, these photos are so wonderful. I must be getting old…, I can't remember these photos… I remember you seeing the eagle, how exited you were, and other eagle photos, but these don't seem familiar. Hopefully you'll get another chance for a new photo shoot!

    1. Gerda,
      So much stuff goes by in our streams these days … I have a feeling that I miss out on a lot of stuff in FB. Even if I never get a chance like this again, I will be forever thankful for this.

  2. Vilka makalösa bilder och vilken lycka att få se såna obeskrivligt magnifika och vackra fåglar! Den nedersta där man ser blicken får jag "ståpäls" av…kommer du ihåg Gunde Svahn, som myntade uttrycket?
    Hoppas jag någon gång får se något liknande, det skulle bli ett minne av guld. Följde med Inga-Lill o Anders en gång och skådade fåglar, sjöfågel och småfågel och det var en härlig upplevelse för Inga-Lill har investerat i riktigt bra kikare och jag såg gulärlor för första gången och en gravand som rastade under sin flytt…

    1. Elisabeth,
      Det var oförglömligt och jag är så tacksam över att ha fått se honom på så nära håll, och dessutom ta bilder. Joodå…nog kommer jag ihåg Gunde Svahn och ståpälsen 🙂 Jag kommer ihåg vilket ord Stig Malm myntade också 😉

      Jag har aldrig sett en gravand i levande livet …

  3. Beautiful images. Like you say, you may never get such a chance again. They are a magnificent bird. We have a pair that lives in a tree a couple of miles from us. A couple of years ago, every evening around 7 o'clock one would come and perch at the top of our tallest Spruce tree for an hour or so. It was a great spot as it gave him a view of the river and the valley. Early one morning, we woke up to a Bald Eagle in our back field feasting on something. What a thrill to have one that close.

    I think yours is eating a Canada Goose – at least that's what the plumage looks like to me. Thank you for sharing these incredible photos.
    walk in beauty.

    1. Joceline,
      It's such an iconic bird and I often looked at pictures of eagles, while I was still living in Sweden. Little could I imagine that I one day would be fortunate enough to take photos of them myself …. Just to watch a Bald Eagle soaring gives me such a special feeling, I feel truly blessed.

      I too, think it could have been a Canada Goose, but it must have been hurt or sick first, don't you think?!

      1. There is a huge maple tree between here and the village and many times there are two Bald Eagles sitting in it. I always look for them and love seeing them soar over the property.

        I'm thinking that in the Spring, there are often flocks of Canada Geese in the fields. If your Bald Eagle flew down into the flock, he would easily have snagged one. They are a very powerful,and I know of twice last year when one picked up a chicken in the area! I have noticed that our small animal population as well as our dove population has decreased quite a bit the last two three years and I personally think it's because we have almost a dozen Bald Eagles in the area now.

        One day a feather from one of them will be in my back field and i will be so thrilled to find it!

        walk in beauty.

        1. Wow! A dozen! A feather … I sure would treasure 🙂

          There's a place in NS — I forget the name right now — where they have some type of event in January each year. They throw out food for them and people gather there to take photos. I hear it's getting more crowded there for each year.

          1. We have been a couple of times and yes it is crowded with people and with Eagles. Picture flocks of Starlings in trees and you get an idea of how many eagles are there. It's a bit like being at a zoo though.

          2. There's a little group of people from here that goes every year. One of them said to me, that if you should add up the cost of all the fancy photo equipment he saw there, it would mount to a million bucks… I've seen gorgeous photos, though…

  4. How lucky were you to shoot this magnificent Bald Eagle Rebekah! The photos are awesome!
    These are the moments why we always carry our camera with us – right? You just never know when a rare opportunity like this is going to present itself. Well done!

    1. Barb,
      Always! Imagine if I'd seen him and not had the camera with me … or been out of battery or something stupid like that! If I can't bring the big camera, I at least have the little point & shoot in my purse..

  5. Those are really beautiful shots. And, you're right, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank goodness you had the right camera with you and could record your memories.

    Just in case you don't know about it, there is a really wonderful eagle cam here, complete with moderated discussion.
    The pair has been together for quite a few years, and know their parenting. They have three adorable chicks this year.

    1. Louise,
      OMG!!! Thank you for that link!!! I went there right away, and she was there feeding them … in real time! Oh my, this is almost too good to be true 🙂

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