Pictures of Yesterday

We went out for a little spin around town yesterday. If for nothing else, to get out of the house for a while. We were sitting in the car, down by the Reversing Falls [which really should be called the Reversing Rapids because there are no FALLS]. I was saying to Gerry … ‘I think it’s about time we saw a groundhog now!‘. That very second I noticed movement in the brush beside the road, and there he was!

I did see another one last week, running along Victoria Street, but that happened too quickly. This guy was still small but his fur looked really healthy and shiny.

One of the other words for groundhog — marmot — I have a funny story about, but I’ll write about that in another post.

The wind yesterday was really biting. No pleasure to be outside to try and take pictures. It’s still a very brown Spring. It’s morning now, but I hear the same wind howling in the ventilations ducts here.

Last night, I was logging in to my oldest Gmail account … the very first I ever signed up for, a few days after Gmail started in 2004. Got a message that they’d detected «unusual activity» on my account, and I had to give them a phone number to verify that it was really me … either a cell phone number where they could send a text message, or to the landline for a voice message.

After thinking about this for a few minutes … I rarely log in to this account, so I couldn’t see what unusual activity there could have been … I typed in my cell phone number and got the verification. Logged in to my account and all seemed fine there. A tremendous amount of spam, but it was all in the spam folder at least … not in the inbox. No strange activity that I could detect. I don’t like giving out phone numbers in general, but that particular account I’m really careful about.

Last night, I read an article in TechCrunch by Orli Yakuel in Israel. I agree with her on so many issues with Facebook. I’m on Facebook myself, for the same reason as most other people: Everybody else is there. It’s funny how you can get a sense of a certain attitude of a whole company … not just a person! I feel that Facebook as a whole don’t give a damn about their users. They seem to feel so self-assured that all their half a billion+ users will stay [and they probably will].

Each time they’ve changed something, and made life more miserable for the users, I read the thousands of comments on their own page … the outrage … but nobody cares. Orli said it very well in her article.



12 thoughts on “Pictures of Yesterday”

  1. Oh Rebby: That groundhog aka marmot is adorable….I love those little critter so much… get some amazing photos!!
    It is a brown still frigid & frozen Spring here…..too cold for anything to bloom….I hear a few robins; never see them….it is gonna be a short warm season I think….
    As for FACEBOOK I have my own grumbles about the site…..after I got locked out of my own account & no did anything about it for over 2 weeks….hence the new page….I am still terrified I wil get hacked again…FB is a lifeline for someone like me who is sometimes housebound…..but no one stops to think about that….oh well I guess we should be grateful there even IS a site like this to keep in touch with treasured friends & family…..
    I can hardly wait to read the "marmot" blog…..xo
    Nylablue sends rumbly purrs to her McDuff…

    1. Sherriellen,
      Yes, they are adorable! I love it, when they're standing straight up like that … like meerkats or lemurs. It was so much fun, back in QC, to see the little ones, how quickly the learned to peel peanuts.

      At an earlier stage of my FB membership, I had some trouble and wrote to them … in my innocence. Got an automatic reply where it said something that they didn't reply to email. They have no support are far as I can see … only the Help group, with other members answering.

      I can no longer associate my Flickr account with FB, even though it worked for a while.

      McDuff sends his purringly. He's fine now..

  2. Gorgeous Photos…how can you and Gerry be so lucky?

    I had a hawk flying along with me as I was driving from Tennesse to play the Mega Millions which I was sure I would win. I thought that was a lucky sign that I was going to win. Beautiful hawk…no camera with me and driving left me with limit ability to take one even if I had a camera with me. It was right outside the passenger window.

    Alas, but great news for someone in Albany who did win…I don't live in Albany.

    1. Linda,
      This little groundhog wasn't scared at all, and actually allowed me to get pretty close.

      I think I would have taken that as some type of sign too … about the hawk. Yeah, I guess someone in Albany is happier now.

  3. What a little cutie! They really are sweet looking little animals. There's one living under my tool barn. He's still sleeping though, haven't seen tracks or anything.

  4. I didn't know a groundhog was also a marmot – thanks for the education! He's a cute little fellow!
    You take some awesome photos Rebekah, getting so close to your subject (hard to do when it's an animal or bird)! I'm envious. I tried to get some close-up shots of the ducks on our property but they kept running off and finally flew away! I did get some which I will post for you so you may be able to identify them for me!

  5. This is a wonderful photo of a groundhog! And all you had to do was 'think about him' and there he was! In Colorado, we have prairie dogs – they look like groundhogs (sort of) and wreak havoc on the landscape. Oh well, they were here first, right?

  6. Cute groundhog. Wish we had some here.

    We had a biting wind today. Cut right through.

    I like FB. Friends from all over the world there. And the changes. I have not been angry about any of them. Change is a part of life. Go with the flow. No way to stop most of it.

    1. Julie-Ann,
      I don't know that I neither like it or dislike it. It irks me when I'm presented with these changes and I'm unable to find out how to handle them. Before I found out about the ESC key and the picture viewer I was really annoyed by it. The picture viewer is just a matter of taste. Some people like it. I don't. I'm all for change if it equals improvement.

  7. I never knew about the ESC key either. What a godsend when I found out. The picture viewer is ok now I now how to get out of it. I am sure somewhere it tells about it but beats me where.

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