A phone call…

An online buddy … in Twitter/Facebook … living here in Saint John, got a phone call. Some guy, introducing himself as «Michael, from the security department», called and told him he needed to install some security software on his computer immediately, because it was “at risk”! “Michael” would lead him through the process.

This online buddy of mine, was probably the “worst” case “Michael” could have picked, though. He’s highly technical and works for one of the larger software companies, out in California. He started asking “Michael” a lot of questions, that he apparently felt uncomfortable with, so he just hung up eventually.

Now … you hear stories like this every now and then. I’ve read in the local newspaper, that these types of calls have occurred quite a few times here. This bugs me to no end … it makes me just as furious as when I found out that my Gmail account had been hacked. It’s one thing if they call people like myself, or the guy I just mentioned, but think of all the others!!! Senior citizens … people less tech savvy …  Of course, the caller-ID said «Unknown number», and when asked, he only said he was calling from California. Yeah, right! Big state, huh!

Gerry has a friend who is 78. His daughter gave him a laptop for Christmas, and he’d never even touched a computer before. Now, he’s having so much fun with it … he does research about old times and genealogy stuff … sends email, does Skype with the daughter who lives far away from there … It makes me so happy to see how modern technology can brighten up someone’s life at that age. I think of him when I hear about these types of phone calls, and I will definitely bring up the subject next time I see him.

Then there are all those warnings sent out via email by friendly people … there it’s really hard sometimes, to tell if they’re for real or a hoax. There is always SNOPES, but I guess they could miss out on something too. A blogger friend wrote a post the other day, and I though her entitling of it very well found: Internet privacy — an Oxymoron.

And now … that I got all that off my chest, I can go on with my day. It’s such a beautiful morning here. Yesterday, I saw this guy — a Bufflehead, that seems to be a real popular guy! He has FIVE females following him!

It was a rather gray day, and we even got some flurries in the afternoon … nothing that stayed on the ground, though. A nippy wind, to boot, which made my fingers stiffen up very quickly, when I was shooting some deer in the park. I’m so looking forward to see a groundhog there very soon.




20 thoughts on “A phone call…”

  1. I haven't heard about phone calls before. So what do they try to do, get you to tell them your login id's or such? Or install or download some bogus software? We sometimes get phony e-mails from bank companies, looking very valid, with a link provided where you can login to secure yourself, because a leak has been found. I think those mails can fool a lot of people, because they look very real.

    1. Gerda,
      I think, in this case, he probably wanted you to download install some type of spyware. Maybe that kind that keeps track of your ever keystroke … that way they can get access to all your banking stuff and so.

      Those emails too, look very authentic!

  2. That was funny, about the after shave. Is Gerda Swedish too? I haven't seen that name for so many years. Anyway, thank you so much for posting that warning. I have posted ads on craigslist for a car we are selling recently and you wouldn't believe all the strange replies we have received where they try to get you to link up to something that I have no doubt will lead you to all kinds of trouble. I don't understand what these people get out of this. I never heard of phone calls though.

      1. When I was young, a long time ago, Gerd and Gerda were quite common names in Sweden. I have no idea if anyone is called that any longer. I found it interesting to learn that the popularity of names seem to rotate when I visit Sweden. Names like Egon, Viktor, Albert you would not have found when I was young, but rather in the late 1800s and now they are popular again. Or were about 10 years ago anyway. Sorry to be so lengthy. Do you have a blog also?–Inger

    1. Inger,
      No, Gerda is in Holland. I once asked her how her name was pronounced in her own language, because I wanted to hear if it was the same as the Swedish Gerda. It wasn't. It was very different.

      I wonder what's the matter with people. Can't understand what they get out of it, most of the time! I just get so mad. We all do.

      The only thing I've sold online was my previous camera. That was a very local site, and worked like a breeze. I've never been into eBay or Craigslist..

        1. I used google translate to listen in Swedish, so now I know! That pronounciation is fine with me, if we ever should meet. 🙂

          1. What a cool idea … about Google Translation! I wouldn't have thought of that. Now I've been there and listened, and it's pretty close. Close to the way I would pronounce the name. I listened to the Dutch pronunciation too and it sounded just like you described it to me that time! Very cool indeed

  3. Thanks for the warning Rebekah – seems we have to be on guard constantly for phoney emails and now phone calls from these sickos. What do they get out of it? Beats me. I just feel sorry for people who fall for these scams – but there are a lot of warnings going round, we just have to keep alert.
    The ducks are gorgeous – a special moment in your day!

    1. Barb,
      Thanks 🙂 The Bufflehead is so cute … one of my favourite.

      It all gets so tiresome. Tonight we got a call from our cable-TV provider [phone and Internet too]. They were offering a new channel for free for two months … like an introduction or whatever. But at first … when the guy introduced himself, I felt how suspicious and on guard I was immediately. It's a damned shame that it has to be that way.

  4. love the Bufflehead and his harem!
    Phone scams seem to be increasing and I think that seniors especially are vulnerable. Sad commentary on our world at times.
    walk in beauty.

    1. Thank you, Joceline … Yes, it's a sad state of affairs sometimes. I don't like telemarketing in general. The telephone should be free of charge since telemarketing is allowed.

  5. Who would be stupid enough to even talk to someone, a random stranger and turn on their computer and let them remotely go into their computer. As soon as someone calls that I don't know I tell them to never call again. Then I hang up. Thanks for letting us know this is happening.

  6. Hi Rebekah,
    Thanks for the link to my article about online privacy. I’m always amazed when I run CCLeaner how many files are in my Temporary folder, my history and the huge number of cookies that are stored! I also love unplugging my modem connection for a minute or so as a way to break the cookie trail that spyware uses to tag along on our internet outings.

    Love your new blog!

    1. Marge, I do that too every now and then … turn off the modem for a minute. At least once a month, sometimes more… In this Chrome browswer one can go in and also clear all Flash cookies… I never knew about them before.

      I really like my new blog 🙂 …global tags and all that.

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