Haiku + McDuff's first visit to the Vet

sea gulls flying by
proudly outside our window
teasingly glancing
at us, we wing-less creatures
‘Look what we can do!’
he would have said if he could
‘I’m free and you’re not’
I don’t want gull’s freedom though
fighting over bread
french fries in a parking lot
I’d rather live like this


It was kind of fun to write those, so there goes my second Haiku. The gulls always glide really close to the window.

One of McDuff’s claws had grown in to the pad, and there was no way I could get it out on my own — not even with help. As you know, he’s an indoor cat … the only time he’s been out was when we moved here from QC, an eight-hour-ride, and then he was in a state of shock for three days. He didn’t leave the bathroom! On the third day, he ventured out in the apartment, but was still very close to the floor.

Our little guy, is a very timid and somewhat nervous cat, so I checked around the vet’s here in town, to see if I could persuade one of them make a house-call. No dice! I ended up booking an appointment with one who sounded so kind and caring on the phone. I chose her, even though I could have gotten someone much closer to here. This was on the west side of town … on the way out to Saints’ Rest Beach.

I’d brought the transport cage out a couple of days beforehand, so that he would get a little used to it. Left the door open to it, and he walked in and out freely. Yesterday, when the time was drawing nigh, I calmly grabbed him and put him in the cage — he didn’t say a beep.

This car ride took only about ten minutes, he didn’t say anything but his green eyes were huge! Once there, in the room with Sarah, the vet, we had him out on the table. He was scared, of course, he pressed his little body up against mine while she examined him, and he got his shots.

The vet and a girl took care of his claws. The put a towel around him and went to it. He didn’t even have to be sedated, and for that I was very thankful. I had some bad experience once with cat and sedation.

She showed me the claw that had been in his pad, afterwards, and it was long and sharp. Can hardly imagine how he could have lived with that pain without showing any sign.

We went home, I opened the cage outside the bathroom …. thought he might want to go to the loo. He walked out and all was as nothing ever happened. Now he probably thinks it was all just a bad dream, and his mother might have been more worried than he.


11 thoughts on “Haiku + McDuff's first visit to the Vet”

  1. Aw, sweet McDuff! I know the worry over the timid ones. Poor little things get so scared. You almost feel like you're betraying them, when you take them to the vet. I'm glad that Sarah was able to fix him right up, and that now he's home, safe and sound, and not a bit the worse for wear.

    1. Yes, it feels so bad as one can't make them understand that it's all for the best.
      She said to him, before we left … «Go home now, and chill!» 🙂

  2. Glad it all went fairly easy. One never knows how it goes with pets. Jo knows who the vet is and if Willie even parks there she gets panicky. She knows exactly what can happen in there!! Hate when a pet is ill. I feel so helpless.

  3. Sounds like you have found your perfect vet Rebekah – that's a plus, as all us pet owners appreciate.
    Poor McDuff must have been in a fair bit of pain with that claw embedded in his pad, he is such a sweet boy, not making a fuss. Looks like he has gotten over his fear of the cage too – great idea putting it out a few days before venturing to the vet with him in it!
    I hope he continues to improve and forgives you for the vet visit – he has probably forgotten it already!

    1. Barb,
      Yeah, he's a real trooper In fact, I think he'd forgotten all about it after his first snooze. He did a BIG wash, then he went to sleep, and after that all was as usual again. Must have been great to be able to walk without pain!

  4. That's so sweet…that is the one time that you wish they could talk (pets) so you could assure them that it was gonna be ok & you would know that they understood!

    1. Yeah! I wish … and had I not heard that clicking sound when he walked across the floor … it would have taken much longer time before I found out he had it! He didn't show any sign of pain.

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