Musings over my Muse

On this couch, perhaps?! At least in the mornings.

Since this blog-a-day project started, I’ve been more adamant about jotting down little things that could turn into blogging topics in the run of the day. Before, I so often thought about things I noticed or we talked about … thinking ‘Oh, that’s something I could write about!’ A few hours later, I had absolutely NO clue of what it was. That’s at least a lesson I’ve learnt … that no matter how hard I think about it, I will forget it.

So far, I’ve written each post early in the morning. That seems to suit me. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning, and when I’m finished with email and news … then I bring this up.

If I have a topic ready from the day before … well, fine! I just type away. Could be either just something from the grocery store, like BOGO, the other day, or the given topic from WordPress like it is today.

Then there are those days when the muse just isn’t there! Those are the times I write about blogging. At least, that’s something most of us here have in common and can relate to.

The key  thing here, about the daily post, is that it’s still fun! I’m still looking forward to writing every morning. Were that feeling to go away, I’m not so sure …. I might cave and give up the project, even if that feels very far-fetched right now. I got a kick out of writing up that post about the room — I’ve never felt that good about writing before.

Reading all the comments in the project’s own blog, is also extremely interesting … and amusing. Some are serious and ambitious, others are funny and humorous … there are those who are very judgemental … there are angry ones … you get the whole kit-‘n-caboodle.  I take them all at face value, because it is what it is: an online blog. Whoever is behind that screen, I don’t really care.

There are people who try to live out a dream online … people who — behind the false sense of security behind the screen — creates a different personality … often totally opposite of their real one. I often suspect that to be the case when I read nasty, outrageous comments in forums and message boards. That’s kind of sad, but don’t we all play little roles in this play that’s called Life?! We might be one person at work, another one at home … all depending on with whom you’re interacting.  I remember when I was a little kid of perhaps five, asking my Mum why she spoke with a different voice when she called up the tax authorities… I wasn’t used to hearing her speak in that very matter-of-fact sort of way.

I like to think that I’m pretty much true to myself when I write here. I’ve stated in the «About» page that it’s a personal blog. I like the idea of being able to go back here in a few  years and read about my thoughts and what we were up to.

Now I’m so off topic … I totally lost the thread … so I might just as well finish this off.



5 thoughts on “Musings over my Muse”

  1. We all play 'games' in life. There are some people when I am with them I am truly not my authentic self. I know those people would rip me up one side and down the other. they are not important enough to go through that. I hide who I am. With others I can be me. They are people I care about. even in my blogg, I do not put all of me out there. I used to more than I do now. But there were a few who ruined it by judging and being a bit rude. I never was to them. If I did not agree with them or like what they blogged about, I moved on. I learned to hide parts of me.

    1. Julie-Ann,
      I've had jobs where it took so much energy to play the part so I felt mentally exhausted each day after work. Thankfully, I no longer have to go through that. I try to stay true to myself and am slowly finding a way to blog in a personal sort of way without opening up TOO much. I'm not a very good actress, and I recently had the same experience of exhaustion … It's good to move on.

  2. Your post today reminds me how the practice of writing regularly can help you find your voice. And by your voice, I mean your "authentic" voice, your "inside" voice — not the one you use when you're shy or worried or annoyed or (as you witnessed with your mother) speaking to the tax authorities. To know who you are, to recognize your true voice through the practice of writing regularly, that is a real gift.

    1. Gillian,
      It IS … a true gift. I'm thankful to WP for starting this 'challenge', because it has made me hang on to the regular writing more than I would have otherwise. Also, having a few people coming back, reading, also makes it more fun … and gratifying.

  3. It is tiring putting on a false face. Where I work I do not have to do that. In my Swedish group, oh, I do. Some of it is politics. Some is other things. My town is very narrow minded and not always very inclusive of others. But I have some good friends where I can be just me. And those issues I rarely blogg about. been there done that.

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