just an ordinary update

The topic for today was ‘A Lesson I’ve learned this Year’.  I’m sure I’ve learnt several, but if I keep it on a blogging level it is: Not to take on too many subscriptions. Then all the fun in blogging will soon be gone. After a while it will start to feel like an obligation before you can even start to write. So far it’s going good and I’m still able to write comments that have some kind of significance to the actual post. It still feels fun to bring this up in the morning and I always look forward to it. During this time, I haven’t had so much fun as writing up the post two days ago, about my dream room.

Yesterday, I got a pleasant surprise! We went grocery shopping, made the usual ‘tour’ on our way back. I was so close to saying to Gerry ‘let’s go straight home today, forget the park’. Somehow, I just didn’t and the car I think is now programmed to go there by itself. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw that the widgeon couples … probably the same ones I saw in Marsh Creek the other day, now had moved to the pond.

Grabbed my camera to get some shots of them. Then, all of a sudden, amongst the hundreds of mallards there, I spotted something different! Could hardly believe my eyes, because I’ve struggled a long time go get a good shot of a Hooded Merganser. They’re always so shy and skittish … the few times I’ve seen them, they’ve been on the far side of the lake … way off limits for my lens.

Now … this little guy — he was the sole hoodie there, no wife … was paddling around there, seemingly oblivious of all the mallards, he kept diving for something at the bottom.

When we had first moved here, Gerry was in some car dealership, I was just looking around. I saw some really odd looking ducks in the creek … at that time I couldn’t tell the difference between any of them — the only one I knew was the mallard.

Now I know they are Hooded Merganser, and I think it’s one of the most elegant birds I’ve ever seen.

Lots of people were there, feeding ducks, with big bags of white bread, but only mallards and gulls care for bread. The wigeons don’t bother with that feeding frenzy. There were actually three widgeon couples there.

Will probably check out the place today again, to see if he’s still there.

Speaking of what lessons we’ve learned … I just learned one now, while writing this blog post! All the time, I’ve spelt widgeon without the d, like wigeon. For two years, I’ve been doing this. Now I got the red underscore from the spell-check! Very good.

One more hoodie


14 thoughts on “just an ordinary update”

    1. Judith,
      Thank you! It's such an elegant, little duck! The woodduck [which I have yet to see in real life], is spectacular in all its colors, but I just love the looks of this one!

  1. What a great post and what a gorgeous bird. I enjoy it so much when I get comments on my posts and I like to leave them too. It seems most people comment back to those who comment on their blogs. I try to do that, but I am also curious about the blogs from different corners of the world that don't even follow me, much less comment, so I go there and read them too and once I read I comment. All this takes up so much time and now when my husband is here I don't have the time. I know bloggers with over 600 followers, how they do it, I don't know.–Inger

    1. Inger,
      Thanks a lot! Yes, it's a lot of fun … I love it, but I know myself — I'm prone to take on too much and then it becomes a chore. Been there before. That's true, most people seem to comment in return, sort of. I don't think those people comment or check out all their 'followers'. Here, you can't see them, but I can see who are subscribed and most of them never comment. That's alright too.

  2. Love this little guy! Very good! You have a great theme going and I look forward to seeing what you have captured next.

    Following a few blogs is good…but no, I would be fractured if I subscribed to very many. I am keeping mine under 10.

    1. Thank you, Linda … I really have a passion for waterfowl. In a not too distant future, there will be ducklings and that's wonderful.

      Yeah, now I'll keep it down to ten and feel comfortable with that 🙂

  3. Wow – what a brilliant shot of the Hooded Merganser Rebekah! He is absolutely gorgeous, just look at his markings! I’ve never seen one before, so thanks for showing us. I feel as excited as you did finding him!
    I know what you mean about getting caught up with too many subscriptions and I am at that stage now where I have to stop, otherwise it becomes a chore instead of a pleasure. We have to draw the line somewhere.
    I love getting comments and I comment back to my blogging buddies. I think that’s the great thing about WP – the inter-action between us – it kinda makes it feel like a little community, and we get to know each other better! Quality is better than quantity.

    1. Barb,
      He was still there today! More shots! The design of this bird is amazing… the female, of course, isn't as spectacular but still cute.

      Yes, this thing was the best WP could have come up with. It's great. Before, it was really difficult meeting people in these blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger. It's still very much a pleasure so I won't change a thing about it LOL … I'll just keep it on this level.

  4. That is one unique bird. Never ever heard of one but then I do not live near water so how could I?

    I did read your dream room. Sounded wonderful.

    After almost 2 days off my laptop, I am still trying to catch up reading bloggs.

    1. Hej Julie,
      I've seen them quite a few times now, but always from a great distance so this was SO COOL! I was very excited.

      yeah, that room …. I really could have kept on writing there, felt in the mood for it.

      Why two days off? Something wrong with it?

  5. I was gone for 1 day and then busy the next. My laptop has not been turned off for that long in a couple of years!!! I kept up on some things on my Blackberry but not bloggs. Now I think I am caught up.

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