Close your eyes … count to ten …

Imagine a beautiful ancient castle (tastefully remodeled to include central heating, kick-ass wi-fi and ready laptops everywhere). We’re walking down the endless main hall, a hall filled with amazing rooms of wonder. Opening the 2nd room on the right. What’s inside? A library!

It’s a warm room, covered with built-in bookcases, dark wood panelled half-way up and mallard green wallpaper. There’s a very slight scent …. just a hint … of green apples. The whole room has an atmosphere of total and utter peace to it.

A fire is crackling in the big fireplace. The sparesly decorated, marble mantelpiece, has a seven-arm candelabra as a centre piece and a few, Danish porcelain figurines. In the background, music is playing … hardly audible … it’s the breathless sound of a flute from the Andes.

The lighting is dim — only the warm light from the small bookcase spotlights. The Aubusson rug — which has a crimson-coloured pattern — is in the centre of the room. A heavy-set table sits on it … flanked by two cognac-colored, old leather Chesterfield sofas and one Victorian armchair. In the sofas are numerous, green plush, inviting cushions, and over the spoon shaped back of the armchair hangs a cream-coloured wool blanket. The blanket has stripes in each end of it … red, yellow, green and dark blue.

On top of the table are piles of books,  computer related magazines and a lamp, type “bankers lamp”, with a forestgreen glass shade. A large,  Waterford crystal bowl, is filled with dewy, green apples.

In front of the bay window, which is framed by heavy, burgundy-coloured, velvet drapes — is a large, old English, mahogany desk … covered with a green, leather top. On top of it sits a laptop computer, which is the only contemporary item in the room. The flat screen TV is hidden behind a specially designed, mahogany closet, with remote controlled doors, and so is the refrigerator.

The window is overlooking a small lake where mallards and wigeons are paddling around. A few white-tail deer are munching on some greenery in behind…

The computer is on … the screen is gleaming in the dimly lit room. It has a separate mouse, which is resting on a mousepad, looking like a small, Persian rug. Curiously enough, the WordPress compose window is up.

The pedestal desk has a hidden compartment … the largest drawer in the middle, doesn’t go all the way in. If you drag if out fully, there’s a piece of wood at the bottom, behind, that can be pushed in … and there … in this little hidden compartment lie two gold wedding bands. One of the rings has the name Sophia is engraved in it….




5 thoughts on “Close your eyes … count to ten …”

    1. Gillian,
      This was part of that whole WP-challenge …it was so much fun to write, once I got started so I could have just kept on going last night..

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