It was fun to write that Haiku yesterday. Also goes to show how true it is, that you learn something every day! I’ve seen these strange little poems all around the web but never bothered to really find out what they were.

As for the progress of Spring, we saw a groundhog running along Victoria Street yesterday!!! It all happened way too quick for any photo. Later, I saw two cormorants sitting on a rock off Tin Can Beach. They must be really early forerunners. I remember same thing from last year — saw four cormorants making a fly-by, but then it took ages before the real crowd arrived.

Yesterday was the Ides of March. We’ve done two and a half month of blogging every day. It’s still fun … I’m still looking forward to it every morning, even though there are days when my mind is blank. Like today. I enjoy even the process of making up just about anything to write.

Saint John can be such a source of topics … cute animals, atrocious streets…you name it. As we drove by Canadian Tire yesterday — that’s a big chain of hardware stores, but also, as the name implies, tires. They had a sign outside that said «POT HOLE SPECIAL! Check your suspension!» Very well found and appropritate these days. At least they have started to fill them in … I saw numerous crews out yesterday with asphalt.

The buffleheads are hanging around in the icy waters of Indiantown, but they’ve been there all Winter. It’s just that we haven’t been able to go down there because of the snow situation. That’s all over now, so we go there and check out the birds. You just never know who you might see…

I find the buffleheads incredibly cute, but they’re always so skittish and stand-offish. Maybe they think I’m going to shoot them with something else, not the camera.

This day is overcast. I slept in … I’ve not yet adjusted to the Daylight Savings Time.



4 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. I have never heard of Buffleheads, much less seen one, so thanks for posting this picture. Birds fascinate me and I love seeing new ones even if it is vicariously through pictures.
    walk in beauty.

  2. Our country paved roads get potholes too. Awful, deep ones. From the cold in the winter. Then it gets soooo ungodly hot that the pavement buckles. And the county crew does a poor job sometimes. Takes a crew of 10 to fill a hole that in 3 days time is a hole again. I should apply for a job!!!

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