My life's first Haiku

why are you always so full
you irk me daily
when all the bags from Costco
with plastic boxes
must be emptied in to you

why can’t you be a double
with two stainless shiny doors
water dispenser
fruit veggies always
at the bottom on the floor

each time my back is cracking
as I push stuff in
I’m shamefully complaining
over a fridge that is full


8 thoughts on “My life's first Haiku”

  1. The lady from St. John was sure moaning
    Because her old fridge, it was groaning
    She heaved and she pushed
    And her food all got smooshed
    I hope soon a new fridge she'll be owning

    I stink at haiku, but can produce a decent limerick every now and again.

    1. LOL Thank you, Louise!!!

      I surely stink at this … I've seen the word a round so many times, but never checked it out until today, when it was today's topic in WP. Then I had to check it out. They told us to write a haiku about something that's driving us nuts..

  2. I stink at writing a Haiku. So I did not attempt that post suggestion. LOL I liked yours! We must have been thinking of the same thing yesterday. I spent the evening cleaning out half of my fridge. 🙂

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