Going out … looking for Spring

When I saw all the snow we had, I certainly didn’t expect to see any colts foot mid March, like I did last year. All this rain  that we got really speeded up the process, so they could be out any day now … even today, in a warm spot.

There are already signs … the potholes are the most palpable and most prevalent! As much as I love Saint John; the streets are atrocious!

There are other, more pleasant signs … young couples are forming!

This is the time of year, when one line from the song «The Rose» comes to mind: ‘just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose‘.

Two rivers meet here — Kennebecasis River, and the Saint John River. Yesterday we drove up to the ferry landing in Millidgeville. The ferry is still tied up on the other side, on Kingston peninsula, but there’s open water in the middle of the river so it won’t be long until we’ll be able to drive up on the peninsula, without having to go all the way up to Gondola Point or over to Grand Bay-Westfield.

Saint Patrick’s WEEK is in full swing here in Saint John now, with St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Thursday. There is a large group of people here that claims to be Irish descendents, so this is a big thing. There will be a lot of green stuff going around… More about that in another post.

If I write a post, ‘straight from the heart’, so to speak, and just publish it … that’s alright, but when I start to change things around … move pictures and so on, then I never seem to get finished. This little update on the progress of Spring took probably half an hour!




8 thoughts on “Going out … looking for Spring”

  1. Sounds like your Spring is almost there! I love the first photo of the little duck on the ice and I have trouble trying to imagine ice that thick! Even when I lived in the UK, I never saw it like that, and of course, living in the tropics of Oz, I never even see snow, let alone ice; the coldest it gets here in winter is about 9 degrees Centigrade!
    I love looking at your photos with all that snow in them.

    1. Barb,
      Coming from Sweden, and after five years in Quebec …living without seeing snow seems almost unimaginable 🙂 Not to mention 9 C in the winter 🙂 Good for me that I like snow, but not now when it's melting and is all dirty.

  2. Nice photos. We had around 4 inches of snow last nite. A gorgeous snow. And a very wet snow. We need lots of moisture.

  3. Love the Mallard on the ice. Here in Nova Scotia signs of Spring are beginning to show up as well. Saw a pair of ducks flying overhead yesterday!
    walk in beauty.

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