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Last night, I posted to the weekly photo theme, that was «HOME».  Last November it was two years since we moved from a house in Quebec to this building in Saint John.

If it’s not the largest apartment building in the city, it’s definitely one of the bigger. It has 130 units … nine floors. There aren’t too many apartment complexes in Saint John.

We were searching for an apartment online, at first, and I’d fallen for another place. Seeing it in real life change my mind totally.

I’d seen this building many times during our visits here, and I was not impressed. When I saw, what was going to be, our apartment for the first time, I was in awe. Spacious, lots of light, panoramic view … I think I’d made myself a completely different image of that it might look like here.

There are mainly senior citizens living here. It’s very quiet … you never hear a beep.

I love the place … the view, the convenient location of it — I can easily walk down to the grocery store or drug store … even downtown — and it’s care free.

If there is any downside of this, it got to be the heating system. It’s too hot here … all year round. Even though the heat in the apartment is turned off, it’s very warm. We live in the top floor, and I guess the heat from all the other apartments is rising up. There’s some other problem, that they’ve explained to me, about old pipes and water … I don’t know. In the summertime it gets almost unbearable. We have a/c in one room.

We get the sun in the late afternoon/evening, but the ones living on the other side of the building, facing the harbour, get morning sun and all day long. I can only imagine what it’s like in there. They have a grand view of the city (like in this photo), but I much prefer looking at the North End and having a little bit cooler apartment.

I think you could live in a building like this for years and still not see everyone here. In the laundry room I meet little old ladies, and in the elevators … sometimes in the mail room … so we’ve got to know a few of them a little, but we constantly see ‘new faces’.

The ones that are not senior citizens, come from other countries and I think the turnover is pretty large. They only ask for one month’s notice, so there’s a lot of moving in and out. Either they’ve lived here for forty-some years or just a few months.


14 thoughts on “Connecting to previous post…”

  1. I've often wondered what the apartments in there are like. I often think that if I didn't have a 12 year old, I wouldn't mind living in an apartment like that.

  2. When I was first married, we lived in an apartment complex. It was over a shopping center. It was ok and I knew no one. Got to know the landlord's wife. I knew a professor lived next to us. He had 2 cats that would lay in his window. I would talk to them. And the lady across the hall. She was nosy. Whenever someone knocked on our door, she would open hers and stand and listen and watch. Very rude. It was an ok place to live. Laundromat across the street one way and a discount store the other. But no grocery store was near.

    1. Julie,
      There you go … my post triggered a lot of memories 🙂 I've come across a few, real nosy people too over the years … hiding behind curtains, thinking they weren't visible …

  3. I lived in an apartment for a few years, before I moved back home because the folks needed help. It was OK, but, you're right, you get to know very few people. Though, I did meet my very best friend while living there. Over 35 years later, we're still best friends, and I am very grateful that she has been in my life all of these years.

    1. Louise,
      That's understandable …

      I think maybe the elevators don't make for meeting many people. The laundry room is about the one place.
      I too, met a very good friend in an apartment complex, long time ago. She's no longer amongst us, but had she been she would still have been a very good friend.

  4. Goes to show you can't judge a book by it's cover! When we have been looking for houses, we have learned to always go to the place and look through it, because just seeing it from the outside doesn't tell the whole story. I'm glad you found your apartment and that you are so happy there.
    We have always lived in houses and I'm not sure if I could adapt to apartment living. I love my garden and the space it gives me, and of course, I have my little dog and many apartments don't allow animals.However, I may have to consider it one day as I get older! 😉

    1. Barb,
      That's for sure, about not judging the book … in two ways! The ones I'd looked at pictures of online were total disappointments and this one was a positive surprise. I was a little worried about how Gerry would handle being without a garden, but so far, so good. He's into gardening, big time.
      They don't allow dogs here.

  5. The older I get , I have the feeling that having an apartment wouldn't be so bad..a sewing/computer room, a bed room , and kitchen and living room..would work for me… Except when the grandkids would come… I definately could do without an acre of land to mow… … and my "mowing guy" has quit… so I have to find someone new… Yep, definately would not miss the grass cutting

    1. Cheryl,
      Yeah, it's pretty cool and worry-free. We sure don't miss the shovelling …not mowing either.
      But then again … you have Beau. How old is he now?

      1. Beau is about 4 yrs old…. and after trying to walk him yesterday, I find that it takes all my strength to get him to do what I want…. Neichan is about 9 (the cat)… and very docile and eager to stay in the house most of the time…
        I have tried to find a home for Beau… he needs a farm and fields to run in… he loves kids… wish I could find him a good home… I would sell this piece of property for a very good low price and move..

        1. Yeah … I hear you, loud and clear. I wish there were some people that you know and trust that could adopt him … that would feel so much better..

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