Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This is a part of our home where I spend a lot of time -- couch with cat and computer.

Saint John, New Brunswick is home now. I don’t know how many times I’ve read the expressions ‘Home is where I hang my hat‘ or ‘Home is where your heart is‘.

That’s all so true. Home can mean many things and it’s all so individual. As much as Saint John is home now, I’ll always refer to Härnösand, Sweden as home too … no matter how old I get.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home”

  1. I know that feeling of home….Stockholm will forever be my home, a place I miss even though I love living here. I have never been to Harnosand, I don't believe. Ha det sa bra.–Inger

  2. I am the same way… no matter where you would take me… Gallipolis , Ohio will always be my home… that special place in my heart…

  3. Ouch, Rebekah! Too much wine at dinner?
    It happens that we are moving — in less than 2 weeks — and so, a time of confusion, even for someone who carries her home on her back like a snail!!!!!

  4. So where your computer is, is home Rebekah 😉 only joking! I'm the same!
    Joking aside, although I have lived in Australia for many moons and I love it here, my heart will always be in Scotland, where I was born – it draws me like a magnet. Can't cut those roots!

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