Here in Saint John, the grocery stores have BOGO! Took me some time to figure that one out.

You know, those magnetic signs they have outside stores, with fluorescent letters telling you what’s on sale?! A while back, I started to see BOGO, and both stores had it — both Sobeys and the Atlantic Superstore [which is Loblaws].

At first, I didn’t pay full attention … there’s so much information these days, so I don’t read everything I see, but BOGO was becoming more and more prevalent. Outside Sobeys, the snow piles were so high, so I only saw parts of the sign, saying BOGO Steak something. I thought perhaps it was some kind of beef?!

Then, finally in the other store, they had some type of ‘drive’, so there was BOGO all over the store and at last I saw what it was/meant:

Buy One Get One [free].

I don’t know if BOGO is a thing just here in Saint John, or if it is all over the country?!

Sobeys had a commercial on the radio, where they said something to the extent that «the second one tastes so much better…» (because it’s free).

Do they have BOGO where you live?


14 thoughts on “BOGO”

  1. One of our supermarkets (Price Chopper) uses this marketing technique a lot, but I have never seen or heard it called BOGO. They do the whole nine yards, Buy One, Get One Free.
    Clever shorthand descriptor — if it catches on — but like you I probably would have thought it was a brand name or something!

  2. In Western Mass at least one store chain commonly has not only BOGO but BOGT (buy one get two). Usually the items are at the highest price they are ever sold, but still can be a good deal.
    My problem is storage space for these threebies. We live in 280 sq ft and David says "We should only store extra stuff at the 'store,' that's why they call it that."

    1. Lori,
      Well said of David 🙂
      We moved from a house to this apartment two years ago, so we have to think about that all the time.

      Today, BOGO was potatoes … really big bags of nice, Cavendish potatoes, but there's no way we could store that here. Unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, I wonder if it really is a good deal in the long run. They might take it out on something else. I thought the word was kind of cute, though 🙂

  3. In Alabama, we have the Buy One, Get One Free, however, it is usually something I don't need and as a party of one I prefer eating out. Sames times and usually money.

    1. Linda,
      I thought of that often, while I was living alone. Would probably have saved money that way. There are no deals on food, when you're shopping for one.

  4. WE have BOGO here too. And then another store started to promote items 10 for $10 and then that hit like wildfire and the BOGO is not as popular. As long as the consumer gets a bargain, this consumer is happy!

  5. Yeah, they have BOGO here in the area… I'm like you, the first time I saw it used it was at a shoe store.. I thought it was a type of shoe or a shoe company…. oh well,

    1. Cheryl,
      Yeah, now I see Susan's comment here below too …about shoes!
      I'd never seen it until about a month ago and that happened to be steak. Thought that was a weird word if they meant some beef. Today it was ham and potatoes 🙂

  6. This tickled me. We have BOGO on a lot of things. It seems to be more and more popular. The store I noticed first that used it here was a shoe store. Famous Footwear, only there it means buy one get one half price. They have used it for a long time. I just saw it on a clothing store ad this morning in my email.

    1. Suz,
      We'll see if BOGO spreads here from the grocery stores to other stuff. Maybe it's been around and I just haven't noticed … but I don't think so.

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