Not jumping

Still not jumping the Daily Post-challenge, but the earthquake in Japan totally threw me off the course this morning. Reading the news made me forget everything else, but now I thought I’d still write a few lines here.

Many years ago, I used to moderate a Yahoo group [Yahoo Mail Help]. I quit the moderation part, that became way too overwhelming, like a full time job, but I’ve stayed in the group. Everyone who has ever had a Yahoo Mail account probably knows that they need all the help they can get.

This morning, I was once again reminded of how rude, and full of themselves, members of these online support groups can become. I read one of the rudest and snotty replies to a question that I’ve ever seen. Don’t know how it was allowed through the moderation que either. Had it not been so mean, it would have been almost hilarious because the person replying claimed to be ‘proficient in computers and internet‘ (!), but had apparently lost all social skills in the process and also the ability to spell in English. I’ve been online for a while and am pretty able to find my way around … both the web and the computer, but I’ll NEVER forget the feeling of total helplessness when things aren’t working and I don’t know what to do. We can’t all be experts in computer science.

I know how frustrating it can be when your mail account isn’t working properly and trying to contact Yahoo is one of the worst tasks you can ever take on, with all their automated responders. Experiences like those almost put me in a state of shock when I had to contact WordPress support at one occasion: A little while later, I  got a reply … a very polite and helpful reply, to boot … from a real person!

Today, I just wrote what was on top of my mind without any kind of plan for my post. We’re under a rainfall warning here today, and that will take away the remaining snow.


12 thoughts on “Not jumping”

  1. I have used Yahoo ever since I got my 1st computer about 16 or 17 years ago (think it was that long Have never really had in trouble with them to experience getting the automated responses, but have had trouble with my internet service before & it is a pain!

    1. I still have an account that I signed up for 1998. Another account gave me a lot of trouble.
      That Help-group is very active because of all the new versions they release … I think people get confused.

    1. Judith,
      Yeah, I still have an account alive there too. But I started using Gmail when that was released. I've tried other services since, but keep coming back to Gmail so I guess that fits me best.

  2. Thanks for your post — sad to say, that stuff is out there in full force.

    When I was online reading about the tsunami, there were dozens or more comments about the event. Some chimed in with rude and totally outrageous comments. The others blasted them about their rudeness – but my suspicion is they live to make people around them outraged. Where does that come from?

    1. Marge,
      I wish I knew. Perhaps people feel secure behind a computer screen and can live out their aggressions?! Maybe they are really meek and timid in real life.
      Quite often in cases that you described here, you can see the most outrageous and insensitive comments.
      It's the meanness of this world, I guess.

  3. There is no reason for someone to be mean or rude… They forget to put themselves in the other person's place.

    We are having total flooding, I been out taking pictures and posting so the kids can see the big mess… it is a yearly thing… but it always amazes me … all the people who come out and stand at the river front and watches the river go by

    1. Cheryl,
      Oh, I know well what that feels like. Where we lived in Quebec, we had a little stream right outside the house. In the Spring this timid, little stream became a raging torrent … water came into the basement, we had pumps. Really bad years, the whole backyard got flooded, but not while I lived there. Sometimes it happened in the Fall to, when there were heavy rains..

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