What are your favorite slang words?

That was the suggested topic from WP yesterday. I’ve thought a little about this, and I know for sure I say both “cool” and “awesome”. It’s so easy to slide into that habit, even though I thought in the beginning that ‘awesome’ was so hackneyed!

English is my second language, so I constantly want to increase my vocabulary. Before moving here, online stuff and TV were my two basic sources for ‘new words’. The thing about that is that I sometimes didn’t get it — meaning … I picked up oodles of words and expressions online, but I had no feeling for to what degree they were slang. To me, they were just … words. Situations can get hilarious when you know the other person is learning the language and all of a sudden a slang word gets mixed in.

I was talking with Gerry once online, before we met, and I told him about someone who had been in the «slammer». I’d heard that word somewhere and figured it was just another word for prison/jail … which it is, but it’s slang.

This same thing happened to me, but the other way around, in Swedish. We had many doctors working at the clinic, from other countries. One was from Bangladesh. His Swedish was … broken, to put it mildly, BUT he must have picked up one word from some Swedish person and he used it constantly, while dictating medical charts. It was something like what you say to little children about having a pee … like wee-wee. Where all the Swedish doctors would have used the medical term ‘micturate’, he said wee-wee and it never ceased to amuse me, because it was so unexpected.


9 thoughts on “What are your favorite slang words?”

  1. I say 'cool' a lot. Probably some other word but I cannot remember. My all time favourite Swedish work is 'jaha'. I just love it. Not real sure how to use it but with my cousins in Sweden, I did. They knew it was my fave. From me, Janne picked up 'costs an arm and a leg' except he would say 'leg and an arm'. Anna picked up 'its to die for'. I still say 'its to die for'.

    1. Hej Julie-Ann,
      Yeah … I picked up 'to die for' long time ago when someone said that she used to have 'legs to die for' 🙂

      Jaha is like 'uh huh'..

      'Far out' is another one that I used to like….

      Where English speakers — young people use 'like', in Swedish they now say 'typ', it used to be 'liksom'.

  2. I find myself saying awesome a lot. Also, people in us or at least PA, say "just joshing ya" which means just kidding. its quite funny i guess since in the 1920's we did the same thing saying "Everythings jake" meaning everythings ok. We also say things like "take a chill pill" meaning relax. I kind of wonder how we get these terms but I dont really ask, I just go with it.

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