To catch the Moon

Last night, the moon was unusually beautiful. A big, yellow crescent … it moved rather quickly across the sky. When it was getting close to the horizon, it looked so lovely so I couldn’t hold myself back — had to drag out the tripod and get out on the balcony. There was more wind than I expected and with that  l o n g  exposure, it just didn’t work out. None of my moon shots came out sharp. So here is a general night shot of the neighbourhood instead.

We went out yesterday, in the lovely, almost Spring-like, weather. The snow has melted away so fast in the rain, so it’s almost unbelievable. Most streets are bare … all the terrible potholes are out in full swing. I saw many patches of brown grass and even smelled mud here and there.

Went to the library and picked up a new book. «Away» by Jane Urquhart. Started to read it last night. Read about thirty pages. I honestly don’t know what to say at this stage. I’ll read more today and make up my mind. So far …. not my thing.

One of the main reasons we went out at all, was that I needed to go to the grocery store. I had no bread, no green apples and most importantly: no coffee! Would you believe it … I came back without coffee!!! What’s wrong with me?! Was unloading the grocery bags in the kitchen when it struck me. No coffee!

Had to get dressed again and walked down to Sobeys … the nearby store. No big deal now … as I said … streets are bare. No risk of breaking legs or wrists like before.

As this wasn’t enough, I washed out the coffee pot more thoroughly than usual, and then it broke. Well, not the actual glass pot, but the plastic handle loosened from the pot so now I have to use oven mitts when I pour the coffee. Perhaps all this was a sign?! A sign, that I should have given up coffee together with Facebook?! LOL Nah … that’s not going to happen. Maybe there will be more than one blog a day now, when I don’t hang around gazing at all the pointlessness in Fb.

Off to the laundry now!


10 thoughts on “To catch the Moon”

  1. By my lights (not the moon) it's a sign of needing to slow down. Relax. Breathe deep and slow. Think about things when you're doing them, not just do them to get them done. Breathe deep and slow — and enjoy.

    When I have a day like that (hitting me over the head kinda) all the old Zen admonitions kick in. But you know what? I find they help a lot.

    1. Yes. That's so true. I need to stay focused when in the grocery store. This is not the first thing this has happened. If I make a mental note of that it's perhaps THREE things that are important [or four or five], then it gets easier … if I have a number like that. I usually don't write lists.

      In other parts, I focuse on what I'm doing — like for example locking the door when we go out. I know it's locked, I don't have to go back and check.

  2. You're not the only one who forgets things at the grocery store. I tell myself to make a list, but, never do. Then, there are always one or two things I come home without. And, even worse, a few things that I didn't need, but bought on impulse.

  3. No coffee!! I would have gone out as well, to fetch some. So I guess tomorrow you venture into the shops for a new pot?
    Too bad 'Away' is not your cup of tea. I'm still early in the book, haven't read much. I do like it so far, it is kind of mysterious to begin with, even though it's sheer superstion, that she has been taken 'away'. I am now at the point the pries went over to the main land to contact that man that doesn't believe people can be taken 'away'.

    1. Gerda,
      When I finished last night, I was at the same point as you … he was going to contact a man who didn't believe. We'll see … I haven't given up, but if I don't catch on to it after tonight I'll give in. As we've talked about before, I no longer force myself…

  4. Lovely nite photo. Gorgeous.

    I cannot count how many times I have written out a grocery list and come home without the one important thing I went to the store for. And for me, there is no walking to a store. The closest store is 10 miles. irritating.

    1. Julie-Ann,
      Yes, right … you really have to think twice, living rather far away from the store — I at least just have to get out and walk down to ours.

      When I WRITE down, I usually remember what it was I needed, even though I forget the list at home most of the time..

  5. Shame you didn't catch the moon in your photo, but it's still an awesome pic of your neighborhood at night!
    I daren't go the the shops without a list of at least the essentials – if I come home with extras, well, I must have needed them too! (That's what I tell hubby anyway)!
    Are you still persevering with the book?

    1. Barb,
      Yes, it was a shame because it was unusual… The moon can look so nice up in the sky, but when it reaches the horizon there's always fog or some vapor from the river behind — this was one of those rare occasions when it was clear.

      We almost always come home with extra stuff … it's not so good.

      Yeah, the book! I gave it one more chance last night, and now I'm not so sure .. I'll probably continue, but I'm still undecided. You never can tell … I might end up loving it LOL

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