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In Facebook, I have one of all those, so called, applications, called GOODREADS. That is one that I really appreciate. I have an online buddy in Holland and she’s a librarian … I get a lot of tips from her and it’s also a lot of fun to share thoughts when we’re read the same book.

Nowadays, I don’t read as much as I used to before the Internet came into play, but still … I always have a book  going, on my night table. I only read for entertainment but quite often I learn something too — little things, and that’s not my main purpose. Most of the time I choose to just read very light and easy stuff.

In this Goodreads, you can list all the books you have read, the one you’re reading right now — which page you’re on — and the ones you’re planning to read. There are several websites like this … Shelfari comes to mind … and this just happens to be the one I came across.

In any event … when I signed up for this thing, my Dutch friend was reading ‘Nights in Rodanthe’ by Nicholas Sparks. I didn’t know him or the book from a hole in the wall, but it sounded good so I thought ‘why not?’. Went to the library and picked it up. It wasn’t a thick book, and boy, was I ever hooked! Gerda said afterwards … ‘well, it’s good that there’s a lot more where that came from!’ … he has already written a whole bunch of novels. You might have seen the movie ‘The Notebook’.

This wasn’t really what I was going to write about … the thing is; when I find something like that — something I really like, I go whole-hog and read everything the author has ever written. Been like that all my life … I was thirteen when I read every book that Steinbeck ever wrote.

Last year, I found one … Jan Karon, and she had already written eleven books in a series about an Anglican priest in North Carolina … I read all eleven of them, one after the other.

So now, I’m on a waiting list for next Nicholas Sparks book. It’s so cool nowadays … I have him on Twitter, so I can see what he’s up to *LOL*.  He’s still a young man so hopefully he’ll provide me with many more, delightful, reading experiences.

I’ll check with the library and see which place I’m on in the waiting list, because now I’ve seen another book that looks really promising … my «TO READ» list is getting longer all the time … Away, by Jane Urquhart. If they have that in, I’ll take that in the meantime.

That would also be very fitting, because AWAY is what I will be from Facebook as of tomorrow. I’m giving up Facebook for Lent, even though I’m not RC. It’s a personal challenge … to see if I miss it at all, or if they will
miss me LOL.


12 thoughts on “To Read”

  1. I used to read very light novels in the past and then I read a lot! But I don't read anything these days, unless I HAVE to, like when I were going to my shrink and she sudgested me to read about "Mindfulness" but that is another kind of reading.

    Yes I learnt a few tips, but I think most of the times when people are talking about reading books it is just a way to get into another kind of world? A way to relax and forget about everything else.

    I think I am way to restless to get myself to read a book. Got too many things on my mind and think it would take me forever to get through a book, even a thin one.

    My son however like to read, well in all honesty he is mostly reading the Harry Potter books but he has a lot of other books as well. I am glad that he enjoys reading.

    I'm sorry to hear that you decided to leave FaceBook… But I am glad that we still can be in contact at least =o)

    Ha en fin semla-dag! Jag har köpt semmel-bulle (utan mandelmassa och grädde) mums lol Tål ju inte mandelmassa och visst är grädde gott ibland men gillar inte för mycket grädde.


    1. Mona,
      First off; it's only for forty days I'm going to stay off FB.

      Knowing you a little from online, I think you'd actually LOVE those Nicholas Sparks books. It's all about love and they're often very sad. Try one … just for fun! 🙂

      And yes, it's like an escape …

  2. I used to do the same thing, read everything I could get my hands on by an author new to me. My main problem is that I tend to like the writers from the mid-twentieth century, so they aren't writing any more. Though, I'm still looking for a few of the out of print Elizabeth Goudge novels. I think, if you haven't read them already, you might like them. They're full of wonderful people. Plus, each book usually has at least one great dog.

    1. Louise,
      Thanks for the tip … my list will get longer 🙂 It sounds like something I'd like. One lady author that I really loved, but who unfortunately is no longer amongst us, was Rosamunde Pilcher. I think her son writes. She made me yearn to see Cornwall..

  3. I'm only on FB to keep in touch with my cousin's kids in Sweden and see what my goddaughter here in the US is up to. I'm not a fan of writing snippets about my life — I guess I'm too old to have developed that skill. And I can't handle all that information, all those games, all those friends. I know it is the future and if you enjoy it a lot that's great. I hope you can stay off to see how it feels.

    1. Inger,
      I signed up for FB when it was brand new, and just released to the public. Not many people were there. I didn't like it then and I can't honestly say that I like it now either. Now I'm there becasue 'everybody else' are. It's something about it that kind of ticks me off … like he's striving for world domination or something… I don't play games — at least not those Farmville type games. One with little balls before I go to bed.I think it will feel good 🙂

  4. What a good idea to leave FB for Lent! Another way of fasting and I think a good way. You will still continue writing these blogs here?
    I like it very much to exchange books on Goodreads. The only disadvantage I can think of, is that my 'to-read'-list never shortens…. LOL! Yesterday evening I started reading Away for real, the first evening I just read a few pages before my eyes dropped. I think English-wise, it is a bit more of a challenge tor read, at least it is like that for me. Maybe if I advance more into the book I will get more used to it, but I think it is not as easily written as for instance Nicholas Sparks. But so far I love the story! I got this book of Heather's goodreads list, she awarded it five stars, that's why I bought it one of my trips to Dublin.

    1. Gerda,
      Yes, I thought Lent was a good a time as any. It's only FB … all else will be as usual.

      In the beginning, I had a feeling that I might miss out on nuances … shade of meaning, when reading in English, but over the years it has gotten better. Every now and then someone sends me a book in Swedish and what a great feeling that is to read now… 🙂 My favorite there is Jan Guillou, but not necessarily the historic ones — I'm not really into that.

      Tonight I'll start the AWAY book.

  5. I know how you feel… when hooked, they can't write fast enough.
    I read a lot of forensic mystery/murder themed books. I like Kathy Reich, she is the author of the BONES series on TV..- I also read Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson. Then when I couldn't find anythinig new, I found… Jefferson Bass. Well, the other day I got a email from Amazon… Bass has a new one coming out in May, Patterson has a new Woman's Murder Mystery Club coming out.
    I am behind already on Reich by two and she has a new one to preorder… and then Cornwell had one come out in November.
    SO, looks like I will be buying a few used books and a couple of new ones to be reading this summer. My problem is– I pick it up and don't put it down TILL it is done… and that gets in my way sometimes.

    1. Cheryl,
      I love a good mystery novel! Now that I've found Nicholas Sparks, I'm so totally hooked on those though, it's a real escape from reality.
      When I read the Da Vinci Code … that was like that — I only took breaks for a bite to eat, or to check out stuff from the book online. I just couldn't put it away.

  6. I missed the FB subject– I may do that very thing this summer, I think that I will be busy with my friend Ed…and he mentioned that I live on the computer….but I think that will change….with him….I don't think I need the computer…

    1. Cheryl,
      Before I go to bed tonight, I'll post a little note in there. I don't know if I spend LESS time online since Gerry and I met, but it's definitely different …. more balanced.

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