A Tree

This tree, I shot one year ago to the day. It’s in St. Joseph’s Cemetery here in our city. I’d always liked that tree — the shape of it led my thoughts to those little bonsai creations — so I decided to stop and shoot it.

In this picture one can also see that there was no snow on the ground. That’s quite different from this year, BUT with these warm temperatures and rain we’re having now, it could go fast. Too fast, perhaps. There are areas that are prone to flooding.

Gerry’s parents are buried here, that’s why we go there every now and then. It’s overlooking the shopping district, where the mall is and many other stores like Walmart, Costco, HomeDepot and so on. When Gerry’s mom passed away, the mall didn’t really exist — SEARS did, and the mall was just under construction.

I never knew his parents, needless to say, but thanks to what he tells me … the way that he lovingly talks about them … it’s like I know his mum and dad anyway and I sense that his mum would have loved the mall 🙂 All the stores and little coffee shops…

I like malls too — really big malls. It’s nice to roam around there — much nicer than those, so called, mega centres that they build nowadays, where each store is separate. The only thing I miss about Quebec, except the raccoons, is the big mall(s).

Yesterday’s topic in WP was something like ‘if you had a magic tree, what would it grow?‘ but I just can’t bring myself to write about that. Sometimes their topic suggestions really appeal to me but not this time  … I’d rather stick to the snow and the weather.

While I’ve been typing up this — despite the fact that my mind was blank when I started — I’ve also had my three mugs of steaming, black coffee so I’m all set to face this day. The Weather Network has a big red rainfall warning up again just like yesterday. It’s unseasonably warm!



8 thoughts on “A Tree”

  1. I like spending time in cemeteries…. the calm and peaceful feeling.. although I am sure alot of the stories of the people buried , there lives were not all calm and peaceful… I have a favorite cemetery… high on a hill over looking the river… and there I have a favorite tree… it is old and dead, they will probably chop it down someday… and I will miss it.. the character it lends to the view…
    Cemetery art fascinates me… also the statuary that are mingled within the tombstones and gently rolling hills are vital to my visit…

    1. Cheryl,
      It sure is, and often gives you a lot of food for thought. We have another one here with the most gorgeous view you could ever think of … straight out to sea! Saints' Rest, it's called.

  2. We had rain all day but the big weather is tomorrow. We are only suppose to have rain but maybe a bit of snow later tomorrow. Will see.

    I hate the mall in Salina. It is awful. All shopping in Salina pretty much sucks. I rarely go to the one in Wichita. Better but not interested. There are several shopping areas I go to in Wichita that are not malls. Kansas City and Denver have great malls. The absolute mall is the one in Las Vegas. Great shops. Great food. Huge! And if you are tired, great people watching.

    Love the tree and the cemetery. Great photo.

  3. That tree is a beautiful shape, and you can see that it's full of character. The moment I saw it, Bonsai came to mind! It looks like a huge Bonsai tree!
    I love walking round cemeteries and reading about the people who have lived and died – so many stories to tell. Cemeteries are so peaceful and calming I think – a time for reflection.

    1. Barab,
      Yes, those are certainly times for reflection. I'd never thought of that so much as when we were in a place called New Sweden …in Maine, US. Walked around the cemetery there, read all the names and inscriptions in Swedish. One just had to think of all what they must have endured…back then.

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