I met Gerry — my partner — online! That’s why I live in Canada now and not Sweden.

We met already 1997, it took time before the «love thing» came into play, but we immediately hit it off as friends and realized we had stuff in common. I remember saying [typing] to him at a very early stage, that ‘the fact that Hebrew today is a spoken language made me very happy‘. That, to him, being a linguist and all, of course must have hit home, even though he doesn’t know all that much Hebrew. Neither do I. I wish…

It’s hard to tell exactly when the «love thing» 🙂 came into play but it was much later… 2002 maybe. We didn’t talk on the phone until Christmas Eve 1998. He came to visit me in Sweden in September 2003. Nowadays it’s getting to be a common thing that people meet online, but I bet it raised quite a few eyebrows back then, even though they didn’t say so much.

Either way … here we are, and this love for languages is something that we’re still having so much fun with. We can bring up a word, analyze the etymology of it … and I’m sometimes amazed how much influx French has actually had in Swedish. English influence … that’s so obvious, but French! Little words that I’ve never reflected upon before since Swedish is my native tongue and I take them all for granted … the words, that is.

We have English and German in common, he’s fluent in French and Italian (+many more), so we have a great source!

Landing permission granted

This love and interest in words was also one of the reasons I decided to become a medical transcriptionist — the medical terminology, the Greek and Latin. That was the part of my job that I truly enjoyed, but later on the job description was altered quite a bit, and I was more of a computer network administrator than anything else.

Another important aspect of our compatibility is the love to laugh … a sense of humour. We still watch re-runs of Seinfeld and we still laugh, even though I could easily become a prompter there … I know almost all the lines by heart.

Seinfeld was on in Sweden for years, but I never watched it once! It was always on rather late, like 11PM and I got up 5AM in the mornings so. Besides, I didn’t even know what it was … I thought it was something like Larry King, so I never bothered.

Hence, I didn’t watch my first Seinfeld episode until I was in Quebec. That happened to be the one when Kramer puts concrete in a washer at the laundromat. I laughed myself silly and was hooked forever. By now I have seen all the shows several times … I don’t think there is any single one of them that I’ve missed.

I entitled this post «compatible» because I doubt two people could be more compatible than Gerry and I. We lead a wonderful, laid-back life here … I’m sure many people would find it boring at a glance, but we’re enjoying every day of it. I’m truly blessed.

The Dingo ate your baby!!! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Compatible”

  1. What a charmed life! It is refreshing to hear a wonderful outcome set against the backdrop of all the "not so good" outcomes.

    1. Linda,
      Yes. Most of the people back there probably doubted this would last and I can almost hear them saying 'won't be long until she's back again'… It was a big leap, perhaps … considering my age, but on the other hand, I'm glad I took despite my age.It's probably easier to break up and go when you're much younger.

  2. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with Gerry, and that you realize how lucky you are. I really enjoyed this entry, it made me feel good inside.

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about…I am enjoying this weekend with my friend… We laugh and have a great time… just gonna spend it getting to know each other better… and I met him on line…. couldn't ask for a better friend..

    1. Cheryl,
      That is truly awesome and I'm so happy for you! It is great to have someone good in ones life … to exchange ideas and thoughts with … and most importantly, to have fun with.

      I think it can be a good thing to meet people online. Better than a bar. You have to be at least reasonably sober to be able to type and handle the computer in general.

  4. I loved reading such an upbeat and loving blog. I am happy for both you and Gerry that you found so much happiness in finding each other!

  5. What a wonderful love story – for that's what it is Rebekah, and I think it's great that you found each other and found out how compatible you are! You sound perfect for each other.
    My friend here in Australia met someone online about 4 years ago. He lives in America. Their relationship began purely as friends (like you and Gerry), but over a couple of years, it blossomed into love. He came to Australia to meet her for the first time last year – and that cemented their relationship. He has since proposed and she accepted! He has applied for a visa to come again this June, and they plan to marry in July; he will then apply for a spouse visa and hopefully they will let him stay.
    After 20 years of being on her own, she has found "the one", and I am so happy for them – they are so compatible.

    1. Barb,
      That's a wonderful story!!! Boy, there are a lot of sweet love stories around, and unusual ones. A guy from Sweden went to Australia on vacation quite a few years ago. Met a lady in Melbourne. She eventually went to live with him in Sweden. They travelled the world quite a bit, ended up in Australia … found that the relationship didn't work out. Now the SWEDE lives in Australia and the lady from Melbourne lives in Sweden with a different Swedish guy! :o)

      1. Oh boy, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that one! What a strange world we live in! As long as everyone is happy, that's all that matters I guess.

        1. Yeah, I think they are … he's living in Sydney with his wife, and she in Sweden. This is so long ago … her daughter is probably fourteen or fifteen by now.

  6. I love the part where it's love of languages that brings you together. Language is very sexy as well as friendly!
    Did you ever see A Fish Called Wanda, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin, Kevin Kline, and John Cleese? It is very funny, all of it, but maybe the funniest part is how John Cleese makes love to her by speaking a foreign language, and she swoons!

    But yours is a real story, that continues, that's wonderful.

    1. Judith,
      Thank you 🙂 Yes, it's real and it continues…

      I did see A Fish Called Wanda, but it's so long ago so I don't remember what it was about really. John Cleese was my primary reason for watching it … I always watched Fawlty Towers too. Guess I have a thing for British humour.

  7. You are truly lucky!! What a great story of you two.

    I, too, know all or most of the episodes. I also am like that over Two and a Half Men and Raymond. Seen all episodes and still laugh. We used to know all the episodes of Barney Miller and WKRP. Hard to find them now,

    1. Hej Juliana,
      Even though Two and a Half Men been on for so long, I've only watched half an episode of it. Sheen has certainly got a lot of media attention recently. I laughed the other night on CNN when I heard Betty White saying «I'm not going to go all Charlie-Sheen at you»..

  8. I fear Charlie is headed for a major downfall. I am pretty sure he is doing some heavy duty drugs and they are never good. And his behavior is bizarre. But I have heard it might be an act as he is tired of the show and wants out of his contract. And the most profitable way is to get CBS to fire him. Or rather, buy his contract out. Who knows.

    1. yes, it’s a strange story … I can only see him coming back as a totally drug-free and renewed person, talking with Dr. Phil and others.And Dr. Phil would ask him his moronic questions like «What were you THINKING??» like he did with Pat O’Brien….
      Think I heard something that they had tested him for drugs and he was clean now, but that doesn’t really matter. It would take ages before you get mentally stable again after such abuse.

  9. The drug test was done for a magazine, not in a hospital. I think it was one of those do it yourself ones. And he could have easily paid them off to say whatever. I do wonder 'What are you thinking?'. He has hurt the crew and other actors. If it takes more than a million dollars a week for him to survive, none of them make near that. How does he think they will survive with no paycheck. He is a selfish, egotistical man. And I still love his show. And him in it.

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