What keeps me up at Night

The headline is misleading. It looks like I suffer from insomnia on a regular basis. Well … it is sort of regular, but still rare. About once a month there’s this night when I cannot sleep, and it doesn’t have to be full moon. Sometimes it is. The pattern is not the same every time … sometimes I fall asleep, wake up wide awake after an hour … other times I just can’t fall asleep.

Since I’m not working, I don’t spend any time tossing and turning anymore … I get up as soon as I realize it’s one of those nights. While I was still working, this posed a problem … I was desperate to sleep each time it happened as I knew I had to be up and alert in just a few hours. Kept gazing at the clock radio and it only got worse the later/earlier it got. The numbers on the clock radio looked like phone area codes, and sometimes I fell asleep trying to see if I remembered which place each code was … 0155 being Nyköping and so on. If I was awake to see Uddevalla which is 0522, then it was really bad.

Sometimes I got up back then too. Turned on the TV. If I lived somewhere where I had cable, I watched CNN. MTV sometimes, but not so much. They played too much MC Hammer. CNN was better because that was boring and kind of depressing so I went back to bed again.

Nowadays, I don’t turn on the TV … now I have this! The Internet! Here, is always something to look at or to read. I avoid playing the game in Facebook though, because that’s stressful and just raises the blood pressure. I really should have a copy of «The Rise and Fall of the Roman Emire» lying around for these occasions … or something similar that would immediately put me to sleep.

I’ve tried one technique … to focus hard on just my own breathing. “Breathe in, breathe out”… to think only of that and somehow push the bad thoughts aside. It works sometimes. Somehow it seems that only bad  memories and thoughts show up in my mind those nights … never the happy, cheerful ones.

Last night was NOT one of those sleepless nights. As soon as my head hit the pillow I must have lost consciousness.

Do you have any good trick to fall asleep?


9 thoughts on “What keeps me up at Night”

  1. Don't laugh, but I think about my cats. That always makes me happy and relaxed, and I usually can manage to fall asleep. Of course, I don't have sleepless nights all too often, as I'm mostly a sleep as soon as you drop kind of gal.

    1. That's a good idea … I've been trying for some time to make McDuff come and sleep with us, but it's not working. When we go to bed, that's the time he wants to be up and prowl. If I take a snooze in the afternoon … then he comes and jumps up in bed :o)

  2. If you can't sleep, you are doing the right thing to get up from bed a while! That is what my shrink told me last year. The bed is JUST for sleep and if you can not sleep is better to get up and do something until you feel really sleepy again.

    The breathing you are doing are also good. Reminds me of mindfulness that I read about. How we should learn to breathe and just concentrate on the breathing and think of your body parts from toe to head while you keep on breathing.

    Sometimes my trick is to imagine myself on the most relaxing beautiful place I can think of. And it is usually me laying in a hammock on a tropical beach, feeling a warm breeze and hearing the waves from the ocean.

    1. That's such a wonderful thought … I'll try that! 🙂
      One thing that has struck me, is that WHEN it happens …nowadays, I don't feel that same kind of panic. It's a whole different story when you work. I know it's just one of those nights and I'm cool with that. Holy cow! When I think about it!!! How many people are that fortunate … it doesn't matter, I can sleep in as long as I want.

      Another friend of mine read the same book, Mona…

      1. I get stressed out when I can not sleep during the weeks when Timmy has to get up to school. It is kind of silly really as 1 he is getting old enough to be able to get up on his own and 2 I do not work so even if I do get up early I can always take a nap during the day when son is in school!

        So I guess I am fortunate =o)

  3. I was just rereading this as it was in my inbox and I happened to have a strange night last night. First I fell asleep early. I watch ID sometimes. One of those true crime things. They have so many commercials they immediately make me drop off. Then I would wake up, rewind and fall asleep on the next commercial. lol I don’t know why I just didn’t hit record but I did this about three hours last night.

    1. Phew, they’re all imported now. I wonder how many more people had subscribed. They have their inboxes filled now!

      I’ve been very fortunate lately with regards to sleep. I rather wake up too early in the morning, and feel lousy in the afternoon.

      We watch 48Hrs quite often … that’s probably something similar.

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