Wrapping up February

It’s a new month … Happy March, everyone!

Two months of the «Daily Post Challenge» are over and done with. Inspired by some comment I read in the WP-site last night, I took a peek at the statistics.

For the month of February, this blog has had 1,077 hits. That meant an average of 38 per day. These numbers don’t mean much to me … they are just that — numbers. Were I to have a business, it would be a whole different story, I guess.

Still, it’s intriguing. Those 1,077 … who were they? What did they think? How come they ended up here in the first place? They weren’t searching for Kattsby, that’s for sure … that isn’t even a real word or name — it’s made up by me.

Imagine, if they’d all had left a comment … how extremely cool that would have been 🙂  What it all boils down to is me, myself … if I were to write something interesting, perhaps they’d feel inclined to comment.

I have 58 posts in the Daily Post category. There are a few extra ones, thanks to the weekly photo. As often as I can, I browse blogs that are taking part in this and that’s also a fun part of it all.

Many years ago, online, I found a quote that somehow ‘hit home’ with me. It was by H.L. Mencken … I didn’t know him from a hole in the wall, but I copied it down and saved it in my notes. I’m not much into quotations, but I have four or five stored away, that have really meant something to me. Yesterday, as I was browsing blogs rather aimlessly, I came across a post about this very quotation! This is the first time I’ve come across it since I read it initially! She had lots of comments on it … it had turned out to be like a discussion and it was really great.

I’ll post it here too — if, for nothing else, so for my own reference.

The Unknowable

Penetrating so many secrets,

we cease to believe in the unknowable.

But there it sits nevertheless,

calmly licking its chops.

H.L. Mencken (1880 – 1956)


21 thoughts on “Wrapping up February”

  1. Great post and I love McDuff!

    I once had 2 cats…Krystal because she was picked up dragging her body from the streets of Atlanta, in front of a Krystal Hamburger, where she had been hit by a driver who could not stop to care for a broken kitty; therefore my daughter, a poor graduate student at Georgia Tech picked her up and $180 later we had the kindest, sweetest kitty who lived 19 years. Ragamuffin was born in my home here and Raggs lived to be 19 as well. I want to go to the link and see if I can make them into a memorable work of art like McDuff.

    Great Stats! I keep coming back because you are yourself when you write, not contrived; and the photos are great!

    1. Thank you, Linda …for coming back and for your kind words.
      That's great that both of them got a long, good life. My Hadassah was sixteen when she died, so that was also a pretty long life.

      That's a cool web site, lots of fun stuff there. Good luck 🙂

  2. I sometimes look at my stats. There are a couple of old old posts that always got hits. One was about owls another about vampires. Not looked lately but those 2 always were looked at. must have come up on google searches. Odd to me.

    1. Hej Julie,
      I have the same phenomenon i Flickr … there's one of the old backgrounds, you know I used to make … one with some butterflies — that is the only image in my whole Flickr that gets hits, still five years later.

  3. That is even more amazing. Sometimes someone will comment on an old old photo. I wonder how they came upon it.

  4. Great stats Rebekah; I wonder myself how people arrive at my site – it would be good to know.
    I love the masterpiece of McDuff – it suits him! He looks so majestic!
    Going to check out that fun photo site now, thanks for the link.

    1. Either way, it's a lot of fun, and you never know … one day they will say something 🙂 Yeah, McDuff would be honoured if he knew … but he never pays any attention to the computer screen or the TV.

  5. Great quote. I have one of those flag counters on my blog, just for fun and last I looked people from 61 different countries had visited my blog. I too wonder who they may all be and why some came back and others didn't. I am glad we met though.

  6. LOVE that photo of the drop!

    Yes March is finally here! And it has felt like spring both yesterday and today! Sunny weather, snow and ice melting. But I know… there is a high chance we will get some more "winter" before it is really spring. But I am enjoying this for the moment! =o)

    1. Supposedly, we'll get another biggie this coming weekend. It's nice right now, but very high winds… The roads are awful after the last storm…

      1. It'll get colder here again as well. Heard it on the news just a while ago. Will probably be cold again already this weekend…

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