…and it goes on!

This Winter hasn’t said its last word in any way. When I compare it to the two, previous winters we’ve lived here in Saint John, I’m impressed. Were I to compare it with the Winter of 2007/08 in Quebec … it’s nothing.

With regards to amounts of snow, we got away pretty easy, during this last blizzard. It dumped 13 centimetres here in Saint John. The high winds, blowing snow, rain on top of it made for treacherous driving and cars covered with an ice-snow-mix.

I love snow, but I really feel bad for all the people who have to deal with it … who have to get out and go to work. Been there so many times!

Yesterday we scraped the car and got out. Drove around town and looked at all the beauty of ice covered snow, glistening in the bright sunlight.

Once in the park, I thought this might be the day to get a shot at “Blue Jay in Snow” … it’s like a goal I have — to get a good photo of the bird, sort of embedded in snow. One blue jay flew in, alright, but totally eluded me. There were no peanuts = no posing for photo.

This little guy, however, I did get some pictures of. I haven’t ID:d him yet. Small birds, like this one, isn’t my strong point.

Last year, I found the first colts foot on March 12. Flickr is great for checking up on stuff like that.  As things are looking now, I honestly doubt that’s going to happen this year. More snow is coming today, but also rain. You never know though … once it starts to melt, it goes fast and the colts foot that I found then was up against a wall where the sun was really blazing.

Today is February 28th, so tonight we can round up this month and put it away somewhere … in our mental archives.

On this date, twenty five years ago, someone shot Sweden’s prime minister Olof Palme. The murder has never been solved. He and his wife had been to see a movie, and somebody shot him out on the street in central Stockholm. I guess … apart from everything else, this was sort of a wake-up call for Sweden — he didn’t have any kind of security. When I woke up, the morning of March 1st, which was a Saturday, I turned on the TV. Expected to see the usual Saturday morning show, but there was only text scrolling on the TV-screen. We had something called «Text-TV» — I don’t know if it was only there, in Sweden, text-TV existed, whether it’s still around …. I haven’t seen it for years. You could push a button on the remote and you got all the news in text.

Anyway… in my dazed state, I only read one headline rolling by, that said «Ingvar Carlsson new head of state», and I thought to myself … ‘oh?! Where the heck is Palme then?’ It took a few minutes for it to sink in…

Here’s last year’s first Colt’s foot





21 thoughts on “…and it goes on!”

  1. Thanks for your photos … it is as if I am standing there, waiting for the snow to fall on my head! Your words are a reminder about how quickly things change, time passes and the things we forget. Excellent stuff!

    1. Thank you, Marge! It's hard to fathom that it has been twenty five years since that happened. I remember so clearly where I was in life at the time… So far from where I am now.

  2. That is one of the things I enjoy about this daily blog. It's a reminder of where I was a month ago and next year when we reread our posts (ok, next week when we reread them ….) we'll remember all over again!

  3. I just checked my blog from last year, and I saw the first coltsfoot on April 2nd. It's amazing that you're so far ahead of us here. But, that is one disadvantage of being on the South side of Lake Ontario. The wind blowing over it keeps us cold long after most people have warmed up some. At least, it keeps us cooler in the Summer, too.

    1. Louise,
      I honestly don't remember what the rest of our surroundings looked like, but I do remember that this was a very sunny spot. I had another photo, taken the same day, of some ducks paddling amongst big chunks of ice …

      Saw the first crocus on March 25th, same spot second year in a row. Will check that out this year too of course.

      Yes, those are huge lakes and they make a big difference in weather. Even in Quebec we experienced some lake effect snow…

  4. I know winter hasn't finished with us yet, although I suppose the mix of rain means the temperature is gradually warming up. I'm definitely looking forward to the first flower of any kind, maybe the brave colt's foot or a branch of witch hazel, or maybe even a snow drop emerging in a sunny corner.

    There's an expression about March — I don't know if it is familiar to you — that refers to the weather: "In like a lion, and out like a lamb". So if tomorrow we have a wild storm, then (supposedly), the end of the month will be gentle and mild. I personally think it would be ok if we have a lamb at both ends!

  5. Beautiful photos! The weather is very bad I believe on your side of the world. The US also have a lot of bad storms this winter. We're good off in our little country here. Except for the odd day filled with rain… 🙂
    I remember we in Holland were also in shock by the brutal murder of Palme. Has it been 20 years now? It doesn't feel like that long ago, I must be getting old…

    1. Hi Gerda,
      Yes, and as I type right now, a new snow storm moved in so there's a total white-out! It's been 25 years even, since Palme murder! And then Anna Lindh, the foregin minister, was killed 2003 .. that was really a shock too.

  6. Great photos. I looked up your little bird and looked to me like a song sparrow. Very nice. Our snow is melting and much mud is now here. We might have snow this weekend.

    1. Hej Julie,
      Yes … song sparrow. It's snowed all afternoon and we're under a snow fall warning. Right now I can see the street down below, but it's been a total white-out. It will rain later..

  7. I love your photos! Glad you found out what the little bird was – isn't everyone so helpful here? What a great community we have!
    That snow looks really good to me – we are sweltering here in Australia, the temperature today is heading for 35 degrees; I had intended going out to do some yard work but not in that heat! Guess it's on with the air con and a computer day! Suppose I could clean the house . . . 😉

    1. Hi Barb,
      Thank you, and yes … this whole concept with the Daily Post is such a brilliant idea! It's so much fun and one wonders why not other blogging platforms have come up with this too.

      Holy cow … 35 degrees! I don't handle heat very well. Last summer was extreme here so it got close to 30. I thought I'd die. It also gets very humid due to the proximity to the ocean and two rivers meet here. We do have a/c in one room.

  8. Again, really beautiful photos!!

    I can't believe that it is already 25 years ago that Olof P was murdered! I do not think they will ever get that solved. It is too late now.

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