Abundance [weekly photo challenge]

This week’s photo challenge from WordPress, is abundance. I didn’t go out and take this photo now. It’s from last Fall. Nobody in his or her right state of mind would have gone out yesterday if you were not absolutely forced to. We had a blizzard yesterday. It left sometime during the overnight hours, but the winds are still howling

The abundance of Coca-Cola in this photo, I thought would be well suited for one of these “depth-of-field-photos”. I had just gotten my 50mm lens when I took it in the grocery store.

Everything comes in an abundance in grocery stores in the western world. Just take a look at the aisle with cat- and dog food! I once worked in a refugee camp. A guy from the eastern block asked me if I didn’t find it difficult to go grocery shopping …. difficult to choose from the immense supply of everything. That sure made me stop and think…



14 thoughts on “Abundance [weekly photo challenge]”

    1. Thank you, Gillian! They had lined them up there in the Superstore … I got this idea, and I wanted badly to take a shot. Asked the guy there if it was okay … some stores seem to be picky about photography. Remember that Brunswick mall that Sunday when we were out?!

  1. That is a beautiful shot. I'm glad that they let you take it. It is kind of overwhelming when you walk into a grocery store that you aren't familiar with for the first time. The sheer amount of time it takes you to search for what you want is frustrating. When I was little, the grocery store was about the size of a small, one story house. I remember that you had a choice between Cheerios, Corn Flakes and Shredded Wheat for cereals. Now, you could fill that whole store with just cereals alone.

    1. Holy cow … the cereal aisle is the worst! I decided a while back to try some different cereal … less sugary than the ones I'd had. That was an overwhelming task.

      In a way it was funnier with stores in the old days … there was a store for each product .. milk, butcher shop, fruit and so on…. I remember them well.

    1. Thank you, Inger … I've only been to a few. We don't have one here. And yes, that whole time I worked there was quite the experience … a lot of food for thought.

  2. Great depth of field shot! I love it. It's true, we have stores abundant with every kind of food you can imagine and sometimes it makes it hard to find and choose exactly what we want. We are spoiled in the Western world. I remember my mother sending me down to the local grocery store for just one item of something she had run out of; no big shopping days with trolleys bursting with food – just get what you need when you needed it . . . the good old days!

    1. Barb,
      Right … here, it can be an overwhelming experience just to try and buy a can of tomatoes. Not to mention the cereals… It was fun in the old days, with all the little stores.

    1. Thank you, Marge 🙂
      Imagine … it's still the same theme in the background, even though it looks so different. I screwed up the old one and lost all my customizations so I decided to make it totally different..

  3. I love this photo! It's a little frustrating for me, though — its interest depends on the intensely shallow depth of field, an effect I like very much — but haven't even begun to master on my current camera.
    You inspire me, onward!

    1. Judith,
      That effect was partly what made me buy a DSLR camera in the first place. I kept seeing those images, with the shallow DoF and had no idea how it was achieved. One guy tried to explain it to me but at the time I didn't even know what aperture was and I had a point-and-shoot camera. I do enjoy the photography…

      Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

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