Got Mail?

Was looking into old photos in my Flickr … thinking I might find something inspiring to write about, when I found this. It’s in a mall in Quebec … «Place Laurier». I think it has changed the name now to Laurier Quebec.

I remember well the reason why I shot it. H&M, which is a Swedish clothing company, had just opened there, and I thought it was so cool to see a familiar logo. However … photography wasn’t really my thing at the time. You just see two red dots, so I even had to make an arrow! 🙂

This was shot in 2007, just about a year before we moved away from there, and by then I was used to these malls. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed. They are HUGE! In this particular place, there are sort of three, immense malls, connected to one another. I wouldn’t know how much time you’d have to spend there in order to see everything.

In the foreground in the picture … on the white column, you see a vertical sign saying “Mail Central”. When I’d first arrived in Quebec [2004], we often went to the malls … sat around in some coffee shop, I used to roam around the malls, shopping.

I kept seeing those signs here and there … sometimes they said “Mail Sud” or so. Took some time for it to sink in, but finally it struck me that I kept seeing those signs but I never saw any post office. Didn’t think much of it so it took several months before I asked Gerry what the deal was with all the mail signs.

Turned out «mail» is the French word for “Mall”.

That was just one little experience I had with the French language…



6 thoughts on “Got Mail?”

    1. I like a good mall walk every now and then, but NOT right before Christmas or some such. Once we were in a mall that was just about to open on Boxing Day. That was an odd experience… when they opened the sliding doors to the electronics store, it looked like the immense crowd of people was almost 'sucked' into it.. Never again.

  1. Interesting about mail and mall – you learn something every day!

    We moved from the city to a quiet little seaside town three years ago and I kinda miss the malls in the city. There is so much to see and do, lots of coffee shops and places to eat! I didn't like the hustle and bustle – but I guess that's something you just have to put up with in the city. I pay them a visit when I go to the city – but that's not often these days! Nice pic!

    1. Same here! We moved from Quebec City two and a half years ago. This is a small town in comparison. Sometimes I do miss the malls a little …very little, but that would be all. There are malls here too, but they are small — it doesn't take long to go through them, but there are Starbucks 'n stuff… It's all very nice.I haven't been back to QC since we left, but Gerry has been back a few times. He has his sons there.

  2. I know little french even though I took it for a year in high school.

    There is no H&M near me. Wish there was. My cousin owns 2 Vero Moda shops in Kalmar. Nice clothes there. Need to go back and shop!

    1. I never took French … we had a choice, and I chose German. Had I known where I would move one day…. my choice would have been different. We know so little..

      We had one VeroModa when I lived in Umeå, and I think one opened in Härnösand too just before I moved. H&M was good for soap, make-up, shower stuff and all that … much cheaper than the others for same brands.

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