…by my fellow blogger, and likewise fellow Saint Johner — heck, we’re almost neighbors — Gillian, who wrote a little about cats yesterday, I’ll say a few words too about our McDuff.

He’s a very gentle cat … easygoing, patient when I take pictures of him — up to a point. When he gets fed up, he just walks away.

He likes — like most cats — to sit in the window and look out over the neighborhood. We’re up on the ninth floor, so I guess all the cars and trucks most look like just little ants to him. He’s an indoor cat, obviously, and has been so for all the seven years of his life.

From his vantage point he sees the whole north end of Saint John and even a little portion of Saint John River. I don’t think that means all that much to him. His world consists of a two-bedroom apartment, but what do I know … I can’t look inside his mind, even though I think I know him very well. He could be depressed, down deep, for all I know … Maybe he misses the house in Quebec, where he had wall-to-wall carpeting that he could claw and scratch?! Personally, I think he’s forgotten all about it. It’s been two and a half year since we left.

In the house in Quebec, we had a little piece of left-over carpet, that was used in the computer-/TV room to cover some cables on the floor. That was his place. He slept on that little piece of green carpet most of the time when we were in there, and it was also a passage so we had to step over him as soon as we were moving about in the room.

Gerry …. thoughtful as he is … grabbed that little piece of carpet, the last thing he did when we left the house, so we still have it here! It’s still a favorite sleeping place … at least one of them.

This was another favorite spot … the stair up to the mezzanine. That was also a great vantage point … he had full control of all what was going on down there. If his friend Elmer came around, he could quickly run down to say hi …

He always seemed fascinated by the raccoons … curious, never scared or agitated. I miss them, myself.

In closing, I can just say that we love our little guy and I doubt that I’d ever would want to live without a cat. In my younger days I always wanted a big dog, but after each ice-storm — when the streets are like bottlenecks — I’m happy to be the mother of an adopted cat.







20 thoughts on “Inspired…”

  1. McDuff is just beautiful, and sounds like the kind of cat that I would love to meet. I am a very great admirer of cats, they just fit in the right place in my heart. They're easier to deal with than dogs 99% of the time. The other 1%? When you have to get medicine down them, somehow. Though two of mine are easy, pill pockets do the trick nicely. It's the older two who seem to be able to smell medicine coming from several feet away and make themselves scarce.

    1. Louise,
      Yes, and he's kind to strangers … not scared [except one].
      My first cat, Hadassah … when I gave her pills, I crushed them in a mortar, mixed it in with some spread and smeared it onto her paw … That way, she, of course, had to clean her paw thoroughly and didn't miss a single particle of that pill 🙂

  2. I had a cat for 15 years and she was good. Sit and purr in my lap but I got to where I just couldn't breath around them after losing her. So my daughter got me a Boston Terrier puppy and now Buddy is 8 years old and my best friend. kattsby love your pictures. The comment about what your cat thinks. I have wondered that about Buddy so much. Is she happy does she really like to sit and swing and what is she thinking of the world around her. One thing I know she isn't worried about oil prices or gas prices. I love the picture of the raccoon at the window. LOL looks like he is saying. "what is the deal here. I am outside freezing and the cat is in warm." LOL

    1. Hello Rick! Good to see you … and thanks for your word about my pictures. He is a very gratifying photo object! Yeah … I've often wondered how the see things — what goes on in those little heads. My first cat Hadassah lived with me for close to sixteen years! That's a long time. I was in mourning when she died … couldn't believe that one could miss a cat that much. Thought I'd never have one again because I wouldn't put myself through that process one more time. However, after three months it felt so empty in my apartment so I got a new one.

      I loved the raccoons because I'd never seen raccoon before in real life, and we were lucky enough to live so that I could feed them a little. They came by every night 🙂

  3. McDuff is gorgeous! I love cats and dogs and may be inspired by your post to write about the ones I had! Once again, the photos are outstanding.

    1. Thank you, Linda … Isn't that great about this whole blogging thing, how we can let ourselves be inspired and get ideas as we browse. I thought I'd gone on and one about that WordPress thing … when I don't know what to write, there's always the blogging itself to write about.

      Looking forward to reading your post 🙂

  4. I think I am smitten – McDuff is gorgeous! He looks very happy and content to me, living the good life up there on the ninth floor watching the world go by!
    We have always had dogs in our lives, but only ever had one cat; he was a little black and white moggie who followed me home one day; long story short, he adopted us, even though we had two poodles at the time!
    You have inspired me to write a post dedicated to him!

    1. Barb,
      Isn't that funny, how they sometimes just decide to move in with some people! Looking forward to reading your post. Same thing happened to my uncle and his wife … a little cat moved in with them. There were many homes all around, they had not fed it … they were not into pets at all … but it moved in, and became very precious to them 🙂

  5. He sounds like a great cat. I was glad that our feral cat is back here. Not my black cat. Who knows. Males cats travel around sometimes. And just because he never did before, does not mean he is not now.

    I, too, wonder what our pets think. Be fun to know.

    nice blogg post. Great photos!

    1. All three, that I've lived with have been totally different personalities … none has been this gentle and timid as McDuff. I've never had an outdoor cat … that would not be good for me because I'd worry myself to death. In the north end of this city, lots of cats are out and about … the cars are driving there, and I wonder if not the owners are worried. Besides, I've lived in apartment buildings most of the time, so it wouldn't have been possible. It's different when you live in a rural area…

  6. Hi Rebby: what a lovely blog about McDuff!! Some cats bond to their surroundings & some bond to their owners. It is best that the cat bond to their humans so if they have to move, the cat can adjust to a new place. i worked long & hard to bond MINGFLOWER to me & it was a good thing when we moved 300 miles away, lol!!
    When I adopted NYLABLUE I knew I would be moving at some point & here I had a 5 year old cat to bond to me….we lived only 8 months at my old place so it was easier for NYLABLUE to adjust to the new place….now we've been here 4+ years & she is bonded to me.
    I think you are very astute in knowing how McDuff feels. I sit & watch NYLABLUE alot; when she sleeps, eats, loks out the window….when we sit out in the good weather…..body language is important too…Like most of your readers i would not want to live w/out a cat (or 2). They are great company & loving companions….Vive Le Chats!! (how do you like my French, lol??)

    1. Sherriellen,
      With Hadassah … my first, I lost count of how many times I moved. At that time I wasn't aware of that they had a problem with moving. She never said a beep, I showed her where the box and the food cups were and she seemed fine with that. With Murphy I moved once. There it took a day or two before he was adjusted and he had a great deal to say about it …

      McDuff was frightened here at first … he stayed in the bathroom. The third day, he moved carefully out of the bathroom … he was very 'low'..close to the floor. Poor little guy … first the long road trip from QC to Saint John, he must have been in a state of shock.

      Your French seems to be great! I can say one thing: deneigement

  7. Forgot to say the pix are lovely & the one with McDuff & the raccoon priceless….did you know cats & raccoons are first cousins? That is why they don't usually fight or get in each other's way…..One of those itty bitty pieces of info i know, lol…

  8. Love this blog, Rebekah. See, I just learned snow removal in French! Deneigement — what else?
    Your first cat was Hadassah, and the second is McDuff. There is a story here somewhere.

    1. Thank you, Judith … I'm glad to hear that 🙂
      McDuff is #3 … there was also Murphy. There isn't any real story behind the cats' names… Hadassah … there, I had just read the book of Esther in the Bible, and her real name was Hadassah.

      Yeah, deneigement was one of the words I learned while I lived in Quebec. Plenty of snow there. I know a lot of nouns but I can't put a sentence togheter…

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