If I could have anything to eat right now…

regardless of anything, it would be this. I’ve just had supper so this cake [Prinsesstårta] would be heavenly! It’s a traditional Swedish cake filled with a.o. whipped cream, custard and jam, and covered with green marzipan. I didn’t have any picture of my own, so this is from Wikipedia. This is a homemade version. They’re sold in grocery stores frozen too, but that’s not quite the same as the ones you buy in pastry shops. I’m a huge marzipan lover so that’s the best part.


There are not many food items that I cannot get a hold of or dishes I can’t make myself, but there are a few. Little things, that I never even reflected upon before I moved. They were just there … everyday things.

There’s a certain kind of sausage … «Falukorv». You can’t get that here. It’s a good sausage …nothing more, not sensational or anything 🙂 It’s just the convenience of it! I’d say most people have one in their fridge. When you’re out of ideas what to make for supper … the sausage is always there, and it can be varied infinitely. Usually, it comes in a ring.


Photo: Mario Mlynek, Wikimedia

There’s one more thing that I miss and I can’t get. It’s called «filmjölk» and is very close to yoghurt. It’s like sour cream but thinner … that’s probably the best explanation I could come up with. It has a rather special taste if you’re not used to it. It’s eaten for breakfast with cereals. Here’s a bowl … it’s sold in the same type of packages as milk, everywhere.

These are the three things I miss from my native Sweden. It’s not something that I think about every day … it just came to mind when I read the topic suggestion in WP: «If you could have anything to eat right now…?»

In another post I’ll write about what I would miss from here, were I ever to go back. Wikipedia is a great tool! 🙂


11 thoughts on “If I could have anything to eat right now…”

    1. It is really good. When you just want a little snack, you can slice it on a piece of bread and put some mustard or something on it… I've heard that supposedly some German sausage is very similar, but I haven't found any..

      I've never had bloodwurst either…and I'm not going to :o)

  1. I love princesstårta. Had one in Sweden from a pastry shop. And had some homemade by a swedish friend here. And, of course, when I ate at IKEA in Phoenix. Love it!!! Only had falukorv here specially made by a butcher in McPherson. And filmjölk. Love it. It is so healthy, so why not here!? I use Kefir instead. Not the same but ok.

    Kad kalops for supper but now I am hungry again looking at your photos!!

    1. If I ever come by an IKEA … I'll eat a lot! 🙂 At least I've found the pickled herring. I'm happy with the youghurt … the 'natural' kind, no fruit taste.

      Kalops is good. Do you make that in your Crock-Pot?

  2. Hello Rebby: Oh that cake looks so delicious!! Same color as as key lime pie….I have only eaten Swedish food @ IKEA…I would love to sample more dishes for sure!! Being of German & Russian & either Czech or Polish ancestry I LOVE sausages…..Bratwurst, Knochwurst, Piller's Turkey Sausage….I have had bloodwurst & it tastes pretty good, altho' it is not on my favorite list. The filmjolk looks yummy also…I wish we had an IKEA here…now I am hungry, lol…..

    1. Hey Sherriellen,
      Which IKEA is closest to where you are? I just looked at a map, and from here I don't know whether Montreal or Massachusetts is closer… Either way, it's far away. The one in Mass. is close to Plymouth. It would be fun to have one closer … if for nothing else, so the food 🙂
      The cake really is delicious … it's light and fluffy, when made the right way — not heavy at all.

      I have yet to try Piller's Turkey sausage… I see those Piller's in the stores everywhere..

      1. The nearest IKEA to me is Burlington, Ontario……a 4 hour drive at least…..don't think anyone here would shlep me down there jsut for lunch, haha!! The Piller's are dee-licious!!! Not spicy; just flavorful!! I just had one for supper tonite…all this talk of sausages made me VERY hungry! 🙂

  3. The cake looks so fabulous (even though I am not a marzipan lover) — you must be quite the cook to create something so beautiful! The sausage reminds me of keilbasa, but with a smoother texture. And the sour-creamish yogurt looks delicious!

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