I am

This is the only time in my life I’ve written a poem. It was 2006. I have no idea what came over me, but I remember I was in the kitchen, listening to the radio, an interview with Bono. These lines came into my head, I rushed to the computer and typed it down.

I’m caught in a maelstrom
thoughts of the vast unknown
Was there a reason
I was born the place I was?
am I not to see the plan?
I could have been a Muslim,
a Catholic or a  a Jew.
My mind was left wide open.
Left free to think and ponder;
Is there a Right or Wrong belief?
Does it matter what we call Him?
Still, there isn’t more than one.

My faith was always strong,
it grew stronger as I learned
discoveries of science
they made me more convinced
I see the beauty of this pattern,
the mosaic that we’re in.
Science tells me how
but noone tells me why
Still I’m left to wonder;
What made me who I am.

The fighting over names and rites
they’re all made up by man
Faith would be a blessing
was not religion in the way

Lake-Flurries © 2006


3 thoughts on “I am”

    1. Thank you, Joss … I remember that very well — how it happened. The words were just flowing, and I almost wish it would happen again. It hasn’t, so far..

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