To connect…

With regards to yesterday’s post about the two versions of WordPress … I wanted to go on a little bit about that. Since nothing else is really pressing this morning and I have the free will to write about anything, I’ll do that 🙂

This Post A Day-challenge, that I’m taking part in, must be the most brilliant idea they’ve had [one of them at least]. Now that we’re up to fifty-some posts, it’s interesting to see how people really engage in this and take part in commenting in the main WP blog.

It’s brilliant in the way that you get in touch with the other bloggers. That’s often the downside, when you have an independent blog — it can be difficult to meet people, regardless of if you’re ‘aiming’ at a certain group or if you have a more generic, personal blog like I.

Like I said in an earlier post, I tried both Yahoo 360° and Multiply before and that was totally different — more like belonging to an online group or community. There were times when I blogged there and it felt more like writing a group email to the people on the list.

I guess there might be a sense of community in WordPress too, but that has eluded me until I found out about this daily challenge. When I started out in WP, it was a very lonely experience! Google’s Blogger has a somewhat different set-up … they have a system with ‘followers’, but then you’re sort of committed.

Already after these, two months, I’ve met a few people that I feel I connect with. That’s funny too … how you can — sometimes immediately — get a feeling that you connect with someone just by reading an online blog! Last night, just for fun, I took a look at the stats for this blog. I haven’t really done that before but they are there … right at the front page when I sign in to the dashboard.

Right now I have an average of 36 visitors per day. That’s amazing to me. Imagine if they all said something LOL! Many of them, I can see which country they’re coming from and it’s intriguing to see the remote parts of the world showing up.  ‘What did they think when they looked around here?’, I wonder …

If you really want to attract visitors, I guess SEO (search engine optimization) is a really important part. I haven’t paid any attention to that, but I tag each post and I think I’ve heard that’s one part of it. Search engines, like Google, look for tags. Also the part where you fill in what your blog’s about. That’s the META tags placed in the underlying code of your page. So if someone was searching for duck photos, they’d be really attracted to this blog, one would think. That’s not the case though… but here are two from yesterday. 

On’s front page you can see, under the headline «Freshly pressed» the numbers of blogs that are being published around the world all the time! There are hundreds and hundreds of them, and that’s just in WP! Imagine all the other blogging platforms …  The ones chosen for «Freshly pressed» are what they consider ‘good quality blogs’ … the ones that are informative and so on, I guess … I’m not sure what the criteria are.

I’m not really interested in attracting thousands of visitors … I’m more into reaching out to the online community … other people who like to write about just anything … a little bit like a Seinfeld episode.


18 thoughts on “To connect…”

  1. Totally unconnected from anything you wrote — you get the greatest shots of Mallards! I just love the way you manage to capture all of their green and yellow billed beauty.

    I, too, like the sense of community I get by blogging. I hop between WordPress and Blogger freely, and follow blogs on both hosts. I like Blogger because it seems easier, and I am not techno oriented at all.

    1. Louise,
      Yeah, this turned out to be a lot of talk about WordPress. Blogger has a big advantage: it's FREE regardless of whether you have your own domain.

      The mallards are such gratifying photo objects … they seem to come out well most of the time. I especially like the afternoon sunlight — the later the better. They're photogenic but they don't know it LOL..

  2. Love the photos. In response to Louise, I like Blogger better, however, I believe that Google has some claim on your content so that is why I moved over here. Of course, I could have misread or read to quickly.

    1. Hi, and thanks Linda 🙂
      Blogger is good, and they have also done a tremendously good job on the 'template designer' lately. It was really difficult before unless you were a CSS-artist. Nowadays you can get the page to your liking in a few clicks.

      With regards to 'some claim on your content' … that is legal stuff that is beyond me. The same discussion took place in Facebook.You've seen my posts and I don't think I have anything to worry about … if they fall madly in love with my duck pictures … so be it 🙂

      1. Your photos could easily go into a stock photo site and if folk used them, then you would be paid a fee. Not many people can capture these images like you do. I don't know how how to get picked up by a stock photo site but I feel sure it must be tied to the quality of the photos. That you have.

        1. wow..thanks! 🙂 I really love this newly awakened interest of mine! Had somebody told me ten years ago that I'd be out taking photos every day I would have laughed..

          Stockphoto, you sign up for. I looked at it once, but I found that even the actual sign-up procedure was complicated.

  3. I am glad you get 36 + visitors a day. You write very well. I tried to get that "where are you visitors link on my page it didn't work." It could be me. I love your pictures too. So I decided to just go threw the tutors of to learn more. I am doing very well. It is amazing that wordpress offers so much! Today I have a problem…I am on 20mg of lexapro (for depression) been on it for years…keeps me calm, anyhow…they won't give it to me…I called the doctor three days, now the doctor says I have to see him to get it… on Friday but I will be out of the med. So, explain to me how they get away with not caring that I am OUT of my depression med and I have to WAIT. UGH…thanks for caring.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Thank you, about my writing. I'm trying to do the best I can but it's still my second language. Do you mean the Feedjit thing that I have?! It doesn't work in but I see here that you have a domain of your own. I think I had to download it as a .zip file and then upload it as a plugin, if my memory serves me right.

      That is very strange that the Dr. allows for a gap like that in your medication since you say you've been on it for quite some time?! Very odd.. I don't know anything about Lexapro but some medications you have to be weaned off so … hope all goes well for you until Friday.

  4. I enjoy the comments I get from my visitor much more than I care about how many followers I have. I haven't checked the visitor count for my blog for some time, it varies between the counters I have. I enjoy my Flag counter a lot because it really shows that people from all over the world have looked at my blog at least once. I now follow two blogs on WordPress, but I wasn't familiar with how it worked. So thank you for these two blogs, they are very informative.

    1. Hej Inger 🙂 Thank you!
      Me too! it's so cool … the interaction part is what I love the most about the whole blogging concept.

      I look at my little Feedjit thingy here to the right … I see where some of them are in the world and I think it's amazing that they found their way to my little blog..

  5. I love your blog and your photos of the beautiful mallard ducks with their amazing colors! I also love your blog because I have learned a lot from you about and – something I have been looking into for a while, but you explained it with ease. Thanks for that. is great because we meet other bloggers and communicate with each other – more than can be said for Blogger of which I am also part of but find that I use WordPress more because my blogging buddies are here.
    I agree with what you said about not being "really interested in attracting thousands of visitors … I’m more into reaching out to the online community … other people who like to write about just anything … a little bit like a Seinfeld episode". My thoughts entirely. Quality, not quantity is my goal!

    1. More good stuff from you today!
      I agree that this challenge has 'forced' me to stay connected and that connection has opened up into a community of friends!

      Now, if you ever come to Colorado …

    2. Barb,
      I just knew there had to be more people like me out there! :o)

      Blogger does have a cool feature — when you fill out your profile, and list all your interests — then afterwards, each interest becomes a link, so that you can find everyone on Blogger that have listed the same. Book and films … same thing. I have a rather 'odd' movie that I really like, I filled in that and then clicked on it. I was amazed to see that so many people liked it.

  6. Everytime I see your photos of the ducks, I keep thinking "poor ducks". That crowd at Lily Lake, I suppose they have a good life with everyone feeding them (and ignoring the "don't feed the ducks" signs), but do they get out and see the world? I doubt it. Now if I had wings, I'd be flying everywhere, I'd be travelling, free as a bird!

    1. The prevalence of illiteracy must be greater then I thought there. Today someone sat in his car, right in front of the big sign, feeding them … one piece [of whatever it was] at the time. Imagine the hundreds of ducks around that car, fighting for those pieces … it's a sad situation. So far, I've held myself back and not said anything …….

      All the cormorants flew south, as they're supposed to do, but they aren't getting hand-fed white bread.

  7. Trying to catch up on blogs I read. Fell behind with taxes, errands, and snowy weather.

    I have a couple of things that show where people who read my blog are from. Very interesting. Some I know who they are but not all. On AM3 I have a guy from Tehran Iran who comments often. That amazes me.

    1. yeah, the taxes can be a pain in you-know-where…

      It's really interesting to see where they come from! I gave up on AM3 …it all became too much for a while.

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