The memory is a strange thing. I think I’ve written about it before — or perhaps we’ve just talked about it — I don’t remember (!).

Why I remember phone numbers from way back in the seventies, that I haven’t used for ages … that’s beyond me, when I sometimes have to think real hard remembering what we had for supper last night!

Yesterday, I was once again reminded of this strange phenomenon. My blogger buddy, Barb, in Australia, had put in a photo pf a joey … a baby koala, for the WP challenge. I wrote a comment there about the cuteness of it all, and how I’d been given a stuffed koala as a child of perhaps four or five.

Without even hesitating, I wrote the name I’d given my little toy koala … «Kirribilli». It was given to me when Mum and I visited a ship that was in our harbour. It was from Australia and for some reason they had an Open House, so to speak … let the people come aboard and visit. The name of the ship was Kirribilli — hence my choice of name.

Barb told me, in response to my comment, that Kirribilli House is the official Sydney residence of the Australian Prime Minister!

This was fifty years ago and I haven’t thought much of that little stuffed animal for a  l o n g time. It still exists, in a plastic bag, in Sweden.

Yesterday wasn’t the best of days for me, and I say this reluctantly because I don’t want to be considered a whiner. Besides, I’m fortunate enough to be blessed with a good health, so I don’t have much to complain about.  My body was probably fighting something off … at least I think so. Felt dizzy and had a slight nausea all day. Went to bed twice because I was so tired and that is something I don’t do often.

Didn’t go out at all because the weather wasn’t very encouraging either and didn’t take any pictures. So now … just for fun, I went back in time in my Flickr album to see what I shot last this time last year. This picture is from the 27th of February so it’s a week later, but still …. NO SNOW. What a difference to this Winter!

February last year

Update: The Internet is a fantastic thing! Found the ship online … she was indeed Swedish! Page is only in Swedish, but there are pictures.


4 thoughts on “Memory”

  1. Have you noticed that, as we get older, the memory of things from our childhood grow clearer? Love the little boat in your picture. I can't figure out if those orange and yellow things are buoys, bumpers or decorations of some kind.

    Hope that you feel better today. I think we get worn down by winter, and are more prone to pick up these anonymous bugs.

  2. I hope you are feeling better today. That was me last weekend. Nothing major but my blood sugar was all over the place and then I had chills and hot flashes with a low grade temp. Never amounted to much.

    Memory is odd. Tried to remember someone's name. I know them well. Never came. But some insignificant detail, clear as a bell.

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