I don't have a favourite song

Music was an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love music. Is there any living being on this earth who says they DON’T like music?! ANY music?!

As a kid my taste for music was strange, considering my age, and where I lived [Sweden]. I liked Johnny Cash when I was five, six years of age. My brother is ten years older than I, so that was the reason — his taste for music rubbed off on me. He always gave me an album for Christmas and birthdays. Burl Ives was another favorite … Willie Nelson … Peter, Paul & Mary … Gordon Lightfoot …this list could go on forever.

Growing up it got a little strange because my taste for music differed a lot from the other ones in my age group. Beatles came about when I was in my early teens. I liked them alright but I appreciate their music much more now than I did then. We had Swedish pop groups too that were in big demand … like Hep Stars and Shanes, just to mention two of them but I was still more of a Country & Western person.

Then there was  … Judy Collins … goes and flows like angel hair, like ice cream castles in the air … I still remember the lyrics by heart!

In the mid to late 60’s when all the flower power was going on, the song I remember the best is «If you’re going to San Fransisco». That song is forever associated with the summer of 1968. I was thirteen.

In the WP-challenge, they had this question … ‘If you’re feeling down, what music do you listen to, to cheer you up?’. As soon as I read the question, immediately as song came to mind: «Walking on Sunshine» with Katrina and the Waves.

I think it was the word ‘cheer’ that brought that on … it’s probably the most catchy, cheerful little song I know. Not to say that I necessarily would listen to it were I ever to feel down. I don’t think I’d even listen to cheerful music if I were to feel down — I’d listen to SAD music, and there we have a lot of choose from! «Whiskey Lullabye» with Nichole Krauss and Brad Paisley is so sad so I can’t even listen to it! 🙂

I can’t name a favorite song but there is a tune that always sticks out in my mind. It does something to me … it touches an inner cord … it’s melancholy … it’s Cavatina — the theme from Deer Hunter. Maybe that says something about me … Deer Hunter being one of my favorite movies.

Then there’s always «Four Strong Winds». The very first time I heard the song was with Neil Young, but many artists have recorded it. From the first time, I loved it and I didn’t even know what Alberta was … that it was a province. I thought it was a place.

This is a post that could go on and on … and on — become a review of my whole life. That’s not going to happen, but once I started to make up a play list in YouTube with favourite songs as they came to mind — no particular order. It’s an incredible mix of oldies and goodies … the are a few ones in Swedish. I might add to this list … so that I get at least 100 favourites — it’s in no way complete.

50 favourites



5 thoughts on “I don't have a favourite song”

  1. The only music I listen to is what I put on my iPod. No radio station plays 'my' music. I grew up on the 50s-60s rock. Still like it sometimes. Went through a country phase and now cannot stand most of it. Do enjoy John Prine and other like him that have a cult following. Loved Peter, Paul, and Mary. I have all their music. I knew all their songs and all three parts. still do. I was lucky enough to see them twice — once in the 60s, once many years later. I also have every The Real Group has done and love them all. Seen them twice also. I also like Swedish folk music. And have much of it. It sings to my soul. I never listen to the radio. Only my iPod.

    1. I listen to our radio as soon as I can. After two years here in Saint John, I still appreciate the radio. In QC there was only one channel I could listen to and they talked all the time … very interesting stuff, but only talk. All the other channels were in French. I remember once, sitting in the car in a town, Ellsworth, not too far from Bar Harbor, ME, fiddling with the dial on the radio … All kinds of channels went by C&W, rock … you name it, and I thought how wonderful that was 🙂
      I don't have an iPod. Haven't had any device like that since Sony Walkman and that was a long time ago. It was yellow.

  2. Strange how different lives are lived. I grew up in the Deep South and never listened to Country and Western Music. My sister and I both had piano lessons. My lessons started at the age of five and continued through a year in college. All I knew was Classical.

    Later I discovered Easy Listening and finally I heard about Willie Nelson and the others, however, to this day I still love classical. As I write this I am listening to NPR…beautiful lyrical music, yet the name escapes me. My thanks to whomever the composer may be!

  3. I love "Walking on Sunshine" — what a happy song! I love a lot of songs, some seem to be keepers for life and some I only love for a while, and then let them fade into memory. One song that has stayed with me over the years, and always makes me smile is "Right Before My Eyes" (written by Canadian Ian Thomas and covered by the band America in the 70s):

    1. Gillian,
      Now I've gotten around to really listen to this, in peace and quiet … and Thank You! I have something new to discover here — didn't even know about Ian Thomas before. What a beautiful song!!! Loved it!

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