What would you do with a Million Dollars?

Raccoon in Quebec
Elmer Raccoon in Quebec ...has nothing to do with this post

That was the suggested topic yesterday from WP, and that really hit home with me because Gerry and I talked about just that the other night. At first I was sitting here thinking about it and then I asked him. We talked for a bit about it and quickly came to the realization: «We didn’t know!» Some travelling, of course but that we could do now anyway.

The reason I started thinking about it was that they said on TV how much it was that week … the maximum amount a winner would get in Lotto 649. My thoughts started wandering. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I all of a sudden got ‘filthy rich’.

This sounds like I am a really boring person, and I’m not … it’s just that at this age … I wouldn’t react the same way as ten or twenty years ago. Would we buy a house?! I don’t know … I don’t think so. Maybe one of those flashy condos they’re building down at the water front. Maybe.

All the things I can think of that I really want are peanuts when talking about these amounts of money.

I have a little real-life story to go with this one:

On December 13th, 1999 I was going to work. It was too early to go out to the bus stop, so I decided to scrape a lotto ticket I’d been given as a gift. It was called the Millenium Lottery … each day you scraped and a year appeared, then you checked the paper to see which year was the winning that day. I scraped and 1941 appeared. Fine. I grabbed  the paper and looked it up…it was 1941. ‘Okay’, I thought … ‘that’s cool, I’ve won a thousand Swedish Crowns worth of grocery!’ Then I checked the list again to see what it actually was that I had won. It was ONE MILLION CROWNS. That’s a lot less than one million dollars … $1 is approx. 6 Sw. Crowns, but still!

I wasn’t in a very good situation either, financially speaking. My hands started trembling, I looked again and again at the numbers. 1941. Pulled myself together and ran out so I wouldn’t miss the bus. All in all it took about half an hour to get to work. You can imagine all the thoughts that went through my head during this time! This was the solution to all my problems at the time! I even calculated how much I would have left after I’d paid off my debts and that was a great deal of money.

As soon as I got in to the office, I fired up a computer, went online to double-check these numbers. That was something my Mum always taught me … to double-check. She said ‘you can never trust the newspapers, there can be a mis-print or something’. So … I got to their web site and there it was 1942. For about one hour I was a millionaire.



8 thoughts on “What would you do with a Million Dollars?”

  1. Argh, that was a disappointment! I would've been a chagrin for the rest of the day if that had happened to me….
    I am still waiting for that million to come knocking on my door, LOL! I'd love to be able to buy myself a house with a garden and to take that world tour amongst my internet friends…. 🙂

    1. Gerda,
      I remember part of that day … it was the weirdest feeling! I'd tried so hard to hold myself back … not to shout it out to the whole office, and then this happened… I was in real dire straits so it was just sad..

  2. Elmer is adorable, even if he has nothing to do with the post. I can't imagine the let down you must have felt. Your stomach must have fallen to your feet.

    If I won a million dollars, I'd help out a friend who has some need of help. Then, I'd fix up my house so that it would be easy to get around in as I got older. Then, I'd put the rest in the bank, so that I could hire a nurse to take care of me when I became unable to take care of myself. Sigh, I'm a very practical person.

  3. I honestly don't know what I would do with a million dollars – help the family out I guess.
    Well, you experienced being a millionaire for an hour at least – more than some people! Aaaaargh! Sorry it didn't turn out to be your number; great story though!

    1. Thank you, Barb … it was a time in my life when it really would have come in handy. I remember all the thoughts that went through my mind while on the bus … I wasn't going to go wild or anything, just thought about how nice it was going to be to get everything in order!

  4. A million dollars is not a giant amount of money anymore. I would buy two houses, one in Orlando, Fl probably a $300,000 one and live there in the winter. In the summer I would buy one where it is cooler. I would just live on the rest of the money. I would also go to the Florida Keys all the time. I love the keys.

  5. Wow, that's a great story! And so heartbreaking — knowing you just missed out on a big prize would feel worse than not knowing!

    We've often played the "milliion dollar dream game". I could easily spend $150,000 (pay off our mortgage and then do a bunch of renovations to the house: whirlpool tub, glassed-in porch at the back, etc). And then maybe another $50,000 for travelling and living it up. Then… I dunno… invest some so I could live off the interest. And, oh yes, I've always wanted to be a patron of the arts, so I could set up a fund to encourage emerging artists or build a creative arts/theatre/music studio space that would be open to everyone. Hmm, I think I've just run out of money!

  6. If I won a million dollars, the first I would do is invest a lot of it. I for sure would buy a home of some kind. Something roomy and safe during tornadoes. And I would travel. A lot.

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