Freezing Friday

No, it’s not  freezing here right now but we’ll get freezing rain … or so they say … and that’s something I dread. Most people do, I would think.

In the ‘community’ that is slowly forming, thanks to this WordPress challenge, which I’m part of, I see several, sort of, «a side-challenges» popping up. They are all fine and well thought out, in order to attract more visitors and to meet more people.  It’s all good.

On the other hand … it brings back memories of blogging in Yahoo 360° — a little known of, blogging platform that existed from 2005 to 2008 (I think it was).

It was a really great platform, and why Yahoo didn’t follow up on this and took better care of it is beyond me, but that’s a whole different story.

The thing about it was that you had ‘friends list’ … just like in Facebook nowadays. Groups formed, and those lists caused a lot of drama. Some people felt the urge to attract as many ‘friends’ as possible in order to be «popular». Reading blogs and commenting began to feel like a chore … you felt obliged to make the rounds and leave a comment on each and every one on your list.

That doesn’t make for very heartfelt comments and secondly, there are times when the subject matter just doesn’t ‘speak’ to you — you don’t know what to say.
Eventually Yahoo shut it down, which was a shame, and all of them moved to Multiply … another, little-known-of, blogging platform. Exactly the same thing happened there. When you signed in, you saw something like an ‘Inbox’, where list of new posts you ‘had to’ comment on were listed.

With all this in mind, I started this, self-hosted WordPress. I love to connect with new people and this WP-challenge means a lot … it’s a great initiative. You can connect with people you feel that you might have something in common with and you don’t have to go through hundreds of posts to comment on them. I go and read them because I’m interested in doing so, to see what they have to say today, get a laugh sometimes or commiserate …  there aren’t any lists that you have to go through!

Also, with the above in mind, I’m going to go easy on all the different challenges that are up now, in order not to make the same mistake again. It took all the fun out of blogging, and I still enjoy it so much.

I write from the heart … it’s a semi-personal blog, and I totally love it when I see that a few people find their way around to visit here. When you keep on writing and commenting, after a while you get to know your visitors in a way. I’m not all that upbeat every day, and with this winter weather we’ve had lately, my photography hasn’t been very inspired either — mainly ducks and squirrels. People probably get fed up with them but I still like them.

I took a couple of splashing ducks yesterday, just in order to capture all of the colors that appeared when the afternoon sun was shining on their heads…
especially the one in the foreground. The iridescence of their feathers never ceases to amaze me.


16 thoughts on “Freezing Friday”

  1. Hej! How interesting — I had no idea that Yahoo had a blogging platform. I began mine because friends blogged and talked me into it. Then I found I had to be more observant, more aware, learn new things before I blogged about them and so on, so I started to love it. I had 13 followers for the longest time and after a while I got worried that no one would ever like what I did. That was my only problem with followers. After July last year, I started to get many more and now I feel that among them I have a smaller community of blogger friends whose blogs I visit regularly and who visit and comment on mine. I love your ducks and would never get tired of them. Have a great day.

    1. Inger,Yes, they did .. Yahoo, that is, and a very good one too. Out of the blue, they decided to take it down. I've never understood Yahoo. That's great … about the little community, and you have a very nice and interesting blog. Every day, I have to overcome myself because of that very same feeling … that no one will care or like what I write. That's probably inevitable when you write this kind of personal blog.

  2. Yup, that blogger "followers" feature can be a bit of a problem. I can be competitive, and I have to remind myself, now and then, that the blog is for me, and anyone who cares to read along, and not a contest to see who has the most followers.

  3. To weigh in here…I read 6 blogs now; have not learned how to do everything here because it is so different from the blogger platform; never heard of the two mentioned here; perhaps I was to busy what with raising two children alone to find anything.

    Love the animal photos and getting a glimpse into a life that seems well lived. I look forward to seeing "what's next". Also from your blog I found a couple of other blogs I liked so thanks for listing them. I haven't found the widget to add that as yet. I also like the sidebar addition of who has visited. Is this something outside of WordPress.

  4. I love seeing your duck photos and agree – their colours are awesome, especially when wet!
    We have resident ducks on our property that love to swim in our dam, but they are just the ordinary brown ones (don't know what the breed is). What amazes me is that a pair stick together to raise their young to maturity; the parents look out for their babies, and for each other and will fight to protect the babies from anything that might pluck them away! They are amazing creatures.

  5. I really enjoy your posts, and am grateful for your comments. I know what you mean when you say you felt "obligated" to comment on other's blogs, even when you didn't connect with the post. I try to only comment when I know I can contribute something of value to the conversation, or when I really like what someone has to say.

    I'm happy you found my blog; I really enjoy reading your posts, and it's great to keep up with someone else who's taking on the Post a Day challenge. 🙂

  6. I had one contact on Y350 that decided she wanted her blogg to be more like a conversation. She did major house cleaning and got her friends down to like 15. It worked pretty good. But. She expected all of us to read her blogg and have conversation but she rarely read anyone else's blogg. A bit full of herself.

    Good duck photo!!

    1. Yes … I think that must be really difficult to decide what you want like that … it's all up to the people, and it goes both ways. It's give and take. I can only imagine what stir that must have caused in Y360 when she removed all the people. I remember what that was like, when someone declared that they were cleaning up.

  7. Well, first she warned every one as to when. And why. And sort of stated that if there was no relationship you were gone. Maybe not those words. She did also say that if you thought you were deleted in error to please let her know and she would add you back in. I do not remember much problems or I never heard it. I passed that sweep but sometime later I quit her. Apparently she never missed me!

  8. not sure. Name was Debi. Lost job. Moved to a farm. Had a daughter. Lots of drama in her life. It was either beyond awesome or so bad she might die. Little middle ground. She had blond hair.

    You are up really late!! I am off to bed soon. If I don't answer tonite, tomorrow. Gotta take my meds and then I am outta here!

    1. Yes, I was there too … it was she I thought of, that's why I asked.Was up late … couldn't fall asleep because I thought I heard something dripping inside a wall…

  9. Sometimes I find it really hard to take the time I need (and people deserve) to read blogs and comment, because — like you — I don't want to say something if I can't give a thoughtful response. The difficulty for me is that there is way more interesting stuff to read and comment on than I have time for at the moment! Still, I do try to visit from time to time; I'd hate to become one of those snobs who expects comments but never gives any!

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