Every browser nowadays has a built-in spell-check … at least I think so. Mine does. I use Chrome from Google.

It underscores any misspelling and it’s all fine and dandy. I right-click on the underscored word and get suggestions. Excellent!

The problem … if there is a problem … in my case, is, that I make more typos than I mis-spell a word — I type fast. Lets say that I miss the letter U in COULD… that turns out COLD = no underscore because it’s a word.

Secondly, I write a lot of email in Swedish. There, every word gets underscored. There’s certainly a way to change language but who bothers to go in to the settings and do that just for the occasional email.

That’s a different part of the story … the emails in Swedish are getting fewer!

This Chrome browser has something called ‘extensions’. In Firefox it’s called ‘plug-ins’ and I think it’s called that in newer versions of Internet Explorer too.

Yesterday, as I was thinking about all this, it struck me how cool it would be if there were an extension like a thesaurus … where you clicked on a word and got suggestions for synonyms/antonyms. Take the word NICE, for example. It’s so overused and quite often I would like to say something different but I guess I’m just too ‘lazy’ to look it up … I just type away instead. Not nice 🙂 I searched the extensions but so far I haven’t found one. This is almost surprising because most of the times when you think of something, somebody else has already thought of it.

Webster’s has a useful thesaurus … it’s just a click away, and here’s what it says about NICE.

There are many things one could dream up with regards to this … imagine if it could correct grammatical mistakes too *LOL*.  I know a person who consequently uses ‘were’ instead of ‘was’ … in all cases — that would be a good thing for this person, who is not aware of her mistake.

The picture is of Saint Luke’s Anglican Church … just a random picture I took yesterday. We had an appointment at the bank, and this church is next to the bank. The lady we were seeing introduced herself and told us she’d worked twenty three years for the bank. I found this very intriguing because she didn’t  looked like she was a day over 25.

Before we came back home we took a little drive around … out to Millidgeville, and this guy was running across the ice. I’m not sure but I suspect it is a coyote.


8 thoughts on “Spell-check”

  1. Yup, a coyote. The bushy tail is a giveaway. I thank goodness every day for spell check because I am the world's worst speller. I use firefox, and I never noticed that you could right click on the word there, too. I have always just guessed until the little line went away.

    1. Ohh.. I wish I'd been closer then so I'd could have gotten a better shot! I have read in the paper that they are around, but never thought I'd see one in real life!I don't remember how it was in Firefox — if you could do the right-click thing, and I don't have it anymore. I have only Chrome, that is really sleek, and IE.KATTSBY — my blogFrom: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: kattsby@gmail.comSubject: Kattsby – New comment on: Spell-check

  2. I would love one of those plugins for other words to use. Let me know if you find one!! I have the same problems with the spell checker. Funny to see something in all swedish with the red squiggly lines under every word!

    Love the church. I do not think there is an Anglican church near me. Would like to attend one. The closest to it is Episcopal. There is one in Salina.

    1. I'll let you know …I'm not sure but I think Anglican andEpiscopalianis pretty much the same?! Isn't itEpiscopalian the American name for Anglican?! I remember I googled 'episcopalian canada', and that took me to anglican.ca.I've been to this church a number of times and don't see very much difference to the Lutheran church of Sweden, except that it's more formal back home. Much more formal…KATTSBY — my blogFrom: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: kattsby@gmail.comSubject: Kattsby – New comment on: Spell-check

  3. Useful to have a church next to a bank….you can pray for the bank to approve a loan!!!
    Oh yes…hello…am being very rude…blame it on lack of sleep!

  4. I try to write my posts in MS Word then copy and paste into a browser (I like Firefox). In MSWord there is a Thesaurus. If you click on the word and hit (Shift + F7) you get your thesaurus words. Or if you right click your mouse, you'll see Synonyms – and you can choose it that way.

    I would think it would be working overtime with Swedish words though! HA!

  5. That is an AMAZING photo of a coyote — well caught, indeed! I'll have to tell my parents where you photographed it; they live near the river there.
    And yes, the Episcopal church is the same as Anglican — because of the War of Independence, the U.S. wanted their own church, not the "Church of England"…

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