Time capsule

MusquashQuite some time ago, I signed up for this. They send me an email a month where I can see four of the pictures I shot exactly one year ago. I got one this morning and this picture was one of them.

This is a picture I remember taking, and the circumstances around it. What amazes me is that already a whole year has gone by! When we were kids, and talked about «one year» it felt like an eternity, but now they go by in a snap. Our perception of time has certainly altered.

We’d been down to Calais, ME and done some shopping. On our way back, on the highway somewhere near Musquash, I saw something coming towards us … flying … low! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it was a bald eagle!

At first he sat down on the snow bank beside the road, but when I opened the car door, he moved over a little to a tree. Still within ‘shooting distance’, so I got this. I was almost in disbelief, and I’ll never forget the feeling of standing there looking at him and he looked at me — it was love!

I was so excited and could hardly wait to get home and bring up the pictures on the computer. Imagine, in the «old times» (before digital cameras), I would have to had waited to 1. finish the roll 2. having it developed. The instantaneousness is one of the things I love about digital cameras.


15 thoughts on “Time capsule”

  1. That is a wonderful shot. You must have been so excited. I know what you mean about time seeming to move faster as we get older. Someone once told me that we have that perception because, as we age, a year is a much smaller span of time in our lives. I don't know, I think they just go faster.

  2. What a great photo and for sharing the experience with us. You must have been on a high all week after this eagle encounter! What beauty!

  3. This is a fantastic shot! You were so lucky seeing him flying around – and then for him to land whilst you got the shot is nothing short of amazing.
    Yeah, in the old days you wouldn't have been able to see your shot until you'd finished the roll of film and then had to wait for it to be processed – now we can check the shot immediately on our camera screen and download it to our computers straight away – isn't technology great nowadays?

  4. I get the same time capsule. Cool to see what I was doing a year ago!!

    Today I went to the lake in McPherson and watched and took photos of the geese. Very nice and relaxing.

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