Morning without coffee

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, and I got this beautiful rose.

Both Gerry and I are going in for routine blood work, and have been fasting since last night. I’m not hungry now, but I was yesterday. So silly … it was all in my head, because normally I don’t eat in the evenings. When I went to bed, all I could think about was bacon, for some strange reason. Usually that’s not my favorite food.

I’m not hungry now, this morning, but I have a big problem: coffee! Every morning, I drink three, big mugs of black coffee before eating breakfast. Now I’m having a glass of water.

Our appointment is 09:45AM so that’s not too bad and I assure you that whatever we decide to have afterwards will be very good.

A great deal of fluffy snow fell overnight! I don’t know if it’s still snowing or some type of fog.


11 thoughts on “Morning without coffee”

  1. What a lovely rose! So what did you give Gerry? I am assuming you got the rose from Gerry… 😉
    It's a good thing the appointment is not too late in the morning. I bet your first coffee after the check-up will taste wonderful!

  2. lol, it's funny that you mention that it was all in your head since you don't eat in the evening anyway….it's strange how sometimes, when we're not allowed certain things, we want those things badly right then 😉 At least your appointment wasn't too late in the day. It would be sad to have a food-less February 14th. Happy St. Valentine's Day 🙂

  3. I love reading the responses and comments people make on Valentine's day. It's so refreshing and sweet, isn't it? Like getting roses except words last longer!

  4. How romantic and thoughtful to get a beautiful rose gorgeous as this! Lucky lady!

    I can't imagine starting the day without coffee but we always get through, don't we?

    1. I think I cheated last time … thought that black coffee with nothing in it, wouldn't do any harm. I'm still not sure about that — will have to ask someone — but my tests last time showed a little bit too high cholesterol. That was a first, and I see no reason why I would have that so I thought perhaps that coffee had caused it. We'll see this time..KATTSBY — my blogFrom: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: kattsby@gmail.comSubject: Kattsby – New comment on: Morning without coffee

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