Curiousity … oh deer


This deer was watching a big dog. The dog was on a leash. One would almost think that the deer understood that.

It was almost mesmerized by this dog. It stood and gazed at it for quite a while. I don’n know what type of dog it was but it looked like some pit-bull terrier, and had I been the deer I would have run away from there.

«Curiousity» was the theme for this weeks photo challenge in the WP Daily Post and that came in very handy this morning.

Last night, we watched a movie on TV … «The Girl who played with Fire». It’s a Swedish movie, and I had not heard that much Swedish spoken in a long time. The movie itself was not bad … it had suspense! I’m sure it must be odd for the English-speakers of the world to watch a movie with subtitles. That is something that I’ve lived with for the major part of my life so I never think much of it.

I enjoyed watching the surroundings … it took place mainly in Stockholm. Everything looked so familiar … even the licence plates of the cars. I’m looking forward to seeing the other, two movies in this series. Unfortunately the author of the books … Stieg Larson … died, so there won’t be any more.


19 thoughts on “Curiousity … oh deer”

    1. Louise,
      Nah, what's unusual about it is the park. It's huge and very close to the city center.. People are really taking advantage of this, and go there all the time so the deer get a lot of food 🙂

  1. Gorgeous photo! I'm considering taking part in the weekly photos, but I couldn't find anything that fit with this category.

    1. Thank you, Kristina … It was a little difficult subject. I was considering a squirrel that I had from last week too, but… I liked this guy.

  2. They are such beautiful and graceful creatures.

    I was thinking of getting "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" I didn't know there were movies made of his books. The reviews of the book I mentioned said if you could get past the first chapter it was a real page turner. Have you read the books?

    1. Hi and thanks …No, I haven't. Each time we've been in Costco, I've looked at them … they're on sale there, but thought 'what the heck, I can get them at the library'. They're always out though, and now I've been caught up in those Nicholas Sparks books. It was a pure coicidence that we saw it in the grid … it was on very late at night the first time.

  3. Love the photo! He is so sweet!

    love those movies. Best to watch them in order as they are all about the same people in sequence. I loved them. There is a possibility of a 4th movie. There is another book in the series that is unpublished. But the family and the author's long long time partner are fighting over it. The actress in the 3 movies will not do a 4th though. She is done with them.

    I loved tv in Sweden. The best!!! Many American tv shows with Swedish subtitles. I sat with a notebook writing down how things are said in Swedish!!! I probably could have spent an entire vacation there watching tv and learning.

  4. beeps here depend on the time of day. So I prefer later at nite. No beeps! I love having Swedish movies. One called Miffo has 7 languages to choose from. I now choose Swedish as I know the story well. Helps to see and hear the language.

      1. Then you are a great hobby photographer – give yourself a pat on the back for this one!
        It's my hobby too, and I always carry my camera with me – never know when that special moment presents itself!

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