Last night I finished the book I was reading. I really could have read the whole thing in one fell swoop, had not the build-up been a little slow perhaps. Once it got started, I loved it. I don’t cry easily … hardly ever, but yesterday my eyes were brimming over with tears. I didn’t see it coming. In case you’re planning to either read it, or watch the movie, I won’t say what «it» was.

The book was «A Walk to Remember», by Nicholas Sparks. I have yet to see the movie … I didn’t even know there was a movie until now, when I checked out Goodreads.

I think this is a book that both men and women could enjoy, and the walk was certainly one to remember.

Yesterday morning I was up at 6 o’clock. That was too early —  only got some five hours sleep and that’s not enough — so I felt tired most of the day. Was meaning to write something then when I got up, but started changing something about the layout. Got so caught up in that so before I knew it, it was time to eat breakfast.

Today, I’m feeling fine. Going down to the library to turn the books back in, and get a hold of some new ones. Maybe I’ll take a walk in the uptown area, if it’s not too cold … perhaps shoot some pictures. In some writings about our city, the uptown area was referred to as «the bustling uptown area»! I don’t know when it’s bustling … if you drive through town on a Saturday around noon, you might see two, three people on King Street! They’re all out in the mall.

This post is beginning to feel a little uninspired. I read so many blogs last night … other bloggers taking part in this project … so eloquently written. I must watch myself so I don’t start feeling inadequate and crawl back underneath a rock or something. I know myself well enough to recognize the little signs, and I really want to keep this light, sort of ‘small-talk-style’.

The other night, I dreamt about an online buddy … a woman whom I’ve never met in real life! It has happened once before, but long time ago. In my dream, she looked exactly as in the photos I’ve seen of her, but had shorter hair. She was up on a podium, receiving some sort of award … for what, I don’t know … but as she was entering the pulpit to make some speech, she started giggling hysterically … you know, the type of nervous laugh when you cannot stop. This was so NOT the way I know her online –from what I understand, she’d have been more likely to cry. It’s funny though, that we can dream of people we only know ‘virtually’, so to speak. We’ve been in contact for several years and when she reads this — which I know she will — she’ll probably know that it’s she I’m talking about 🙂 Maybe it was a blogging award she was receiving LOL. She’s one of the more consistent bloggers of the people I know online.

Duck du Jour

10 thoughts on “Finished”

  1. I can sympathize with the lack of sleep thing. I've been having back problems lately. I'm fine during the day, but, the minute I get into bed, the back starts hurting. It makes it hard to get to sleep, and hard to stay asleep. That makes it so hard to get going and to get enthusiastic about anything during the next day. I hope you have a great walk today.

    Love the Duck du Jour, by the way.

  2. I cry way too easily instead lol It can be to a movie, something I read or just listening to a very sad song…

    Am glad that you enjoyed the book!

    I do really enjoy your blogs my friend, I should come by and read daily but for some reason I get caught up with something else, and time flies. Like I said before, I wish I could get more into blogging again. Just do not know why it is so hard for me to write the way I did before.

    I have dreamt about online friends too now and then. So far I only met one person for real. I hope I get to meet more!

    We're having a snow blizzard here at the moment, brrr. Glad to be inside!

    You have a wonderful day! KRAM

  3. Kattsby, I haven't read the book 'A Walk to Remember,' but I've seen the movie a few times–it's wonderful! Definitely a tearjerker though…very touching story, and I'd recommend it 🙂

    1. Marilise,
      I will most definitely watch the movie, now that I've read it. It's always interesting to watch the movie after having read to book …

      Picked up another book today of the same author… 🙂

  4. You've tempted me to get the book, I like a good cry now and again and if a book makes me cry, I always think it must be a damn good book!
    I love to read your musings, they are entertaining and natural.

    1. Yes, this was a real good one, once it was revealed … and it was cute, sort of…I had just read a biography by him [the author], and I suspect this novel was written with his sister in mind. That made it more sad. I've often thought of that too … if someone has managed to write a book that makes ME of all people to cry, then they've really done a good job. There are a few songs too…Thank you, Barb, for your kind words. Feels good to read 🙂

  5. Well, I know you did not dream of me. I do cry easily but I never win anything. Ever!!! Not even in dreams.

    Not heard of that book. Probably since I do not read often. Once in a while I will read a book but it is rare. I started a book on Anthony Perkins and loved it. And lost the book. It was in my bag I take to work. No longer there. I took it out and laid it somewhere. Who knows. Maybe left it at work and someone picked it up to read. I am going to have to buy another one. Want to finish it. Maybe it is on Amazon and can load it in my Kindle software.

  6. Oh, I am sooo sure!!! Last nite I dreamed I was on a cruise ship. And when I woke up and fell asleep again, I was back on the ship. Not a bad dream but now do not remember much .

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