Could you live without the Internet?

That question was raised in the WordPress challenge I’m taking part in, a few days ago. The wording of it could have been different. The answer is YES, of course I could live without the Internet. Would I want to? No, no way! I’m an «internet addict» but not in any negative way.

I’m fortunate enough to be of a certain age, so I’ve lived the transition. Kids, being born today, will take it for granted, just as I did with the telephone when I grew up.

The web has meant a lot to me on many levels and I haven’t had one bad experience. A while back, I wrote up three — rather lengthy — posts about my Internet experience from 1996. They are here, in case you care to read them:

I live far away from my homeland … there’s the whole Atlantic Ocean in between. I read my local newspaper back home, I can listen to Swedish news or watch … I keep in touch with friends and family with email and photo sharing. If I’m not finished with my library book tomorrow, I’ll just go online and change the date so I can have it for a week longer. I follow local hockey games on Twitter, I check the latest news, we have video chats with my husband’s son in Quebec … the list could go on and on.

These are ‘small’ things and all personal … for sure I could live without that. It’s just the convenience of it all! If I want to make sure I have the right pronunciation of a word, it’s right there at my fingertips … listening to it is a whole different thing compared to figuring out the phonetics in the dictionary.

On a different level … if I try to envision in my imagination that the entire web were to be shut down — which we all have had reason to think about lately, due to current events — then the question arises; what would it be like? Would the infrastructure work at all? We’ve already made ourselves so dependent on the Internet … almost as bad as electricity.

We’ve made ourselves vulnerable to all kinds of threats, but I love this web that now covers our planet … the web that makes it possible for me to connect with people that I’d never would have met in real life.

I just read another blogger’s take on this topic, that I found both entertaining and well-written.


16 thoughts on “Could you live without the Internet?”

  1. No, I could never truly live without the internet. It add so much to my life. At first it opened the world up to me. I had friends in Australia. I learned all I could about their homeland. When I saw them and we visited, I knew what they were talking about. I could 'see' it in my mind. I now am in touch with friends and family in several countries. Better than snail mail. I like hearing the news before it is on tv. And in several countries. It is an integral part of my life. It adds many layers to life. I would not know you without it. That would be a loss.

  2. Sure, I managed quite well before it existed. But, I don't want to. It has enriched my life, and educated me in so many ways. Heck, the internet is even responsible for the volunteer work that I do. I'm not one who looks at the advancement of technology as evil. Just very confusing for this aging mind to comprehend, sometimes.

    1. Me too … the first forty one years! 🙂 It certainly has educated me too … and most of all — I wouldn't be here in Canada now, were it not for the Internet…

  3. About the only way that I could live without it is if like you said…the whole thing was shut down… drives me crazy if my router doesn't work & I have to re-set it just to get online…Lol…it's sad, but that's just how it is these days…like you said, kinda like electricity.

  4. Great blog Rebby!! I too, could live w/out the Internet, yet it has added alot to my Liffe. I still write alot of letters which I do enjoy. Email is just as nice tho' & more immediate. I guess the Internet gives us "instant gratification". Life is fast paced, so it is a tool for many of us. ..
    I remember my first phone conversation. I was 4 years old & I spoke to my Father; it was magical…I remember when there was no telephone or television!. We had radio & newspapers only…..I think our generation has embraced technology very well because we have lived with so little years ago. When I first got online & heard of blogging I was intrigued…an online diary of sorts!! I started at Yahoo 360 where we met & I moved on to Multiply where all my blog posts are…over 5 yrs worth…it is a lovely form of expression & creativity…so I hope we always have the Web….it is a wonderful invention….

    1. Sherriellen,
      I do not remember my first telephone conversation, but I do remember well when we got the first TV. The phone was black and heavy … stuck to the wall — nothing you carried around like now..

      About the blogs, I managed to save the ones from Y360 and imported them to WordPress… but it didn't work so well, because all the comments are there, but not the names..

  5. Yes, I could live without the internet – but I wouldn't want to! I love the internet for the same reasons you mention. Sure, it drives me crazy at times when things don't work the way we need them to, but in spite of all that, it has enriched my life in so many ways.
    We just have to have a healthy balance between real life and our computer (sometimes very hard to do)! 😉

    1. Barb,
      No, I don't want to either … and why would we?! As long as it isn't causing me any problems, I'm fine with it. Love the web 😉

  6. I know exactly what you mean by "living through the transition." I was in middle/high school when it was happening, but I remember life without the internet. When my family got our first computer, I was allowed in the room where it was kept only long enough to practice my violin (it had the best soundproofing in the house). My parents wouldn't even let me touch it until I was 7. Other people probably think that's crazy, and they're thinking that while handing their 5-year-olds Sony laptops. I, however, think letting kids have this technology is a huge mistake. A professor of mine does a lot of research on the impact of technology and social media on our communication, and she believes it's dividing us rather than making us closer.

    Also, as with you, I doubt I would be able to live without internet now. Crazy, I know, especially after what I just said. But it does help with so much. (Especially for someone who is terrible with directions and would have to carry around dozens of paper maps without the Maps app on my phone!)

  7. I lost power for 8 days when I lived in Florida and a hurricane knocked out the power. I didn't really miss the internet, I missed power and air conditioning. I do love the internet though, but if I had my choice of power or internet, it would be power.

  8. Without the internet – I would never have met you… That says everything, huh?!
    Sending greetings from Colorado — Marge

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