Those Mountains in the Distance

These are rather hills than mountains, I suppose.

Yesterday morning, when the latest snow/rain storm was about to leave …. for a brief moment, there was a rift in the cloud cover, the sun came through and shone on the Kingston peninsula. I grabbed the little camera because I wouldn’t miss that light, got out on the balcony and shot this.

As I did that, the very popular song performed LeeAnn Womack came to mind … «I hope you dance». She expresses wishes for her children and one being «I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance»…

I often think of that song, because there are several lines that I feel kind of apply to myself … like «I hope you still feel small when you stand beside  the ocean». I do indeed … feel small … when I think of the timeless movement and how brief our lives are here when you put it in proportion.

One night, while still living in Quebec, I couldn’t
sleep so I decided to get up. For some reason, I really wanted to listen to this song … in my half-dazed state, I searched and searched for the CD but couldn’t find the right one. I thought ‘what the heck…let it be’, and turned on the TV instead … the country music channel CMT. The very first music video that came out there at 4AM in the morning was LeeAnn Womack with «I hope you dance». That was almost eerie.

Another line there, that speaks to me is «never settle for the path of least resistance» … that is something that noone can accuse me of ever having done… Won’t go into the details of that here and now — it would get too personal.

For the first time, I’ve watched the SuperBowl. Not really watched, but in the corner of my eye. It’s a game that I’m totally clueless about, and before I’ve only watched bits and pieces of it. I was disappointed … not to say, ticked off, by Christina Aguilera’s rendition of the American Anthem. Not only because she missed a line, but I hate it when they do that to national anthems … the sort of ‘stylized’ version!!! I was not alone. The outrage in Twitter was immense. I’ve heard it sung by totally unknown people … coming out on the ice before a hockey game … with powerful voices, singing this likewise powerful piece of music … They really could have chosen somebody else. Then there were Black Eyed Peas and that’s not my kettle of fish either, but that’s just a matter of personal taste so I can’t say much about that.

I was waiting for the season finale of my favorite show, «Flashpoint», which was scheduled to start right after the SuperBowl. It did, and they left us with a real cliff-hanger. I sincerely hope that Hugh Dillon won’t leave the show because it wouldn’t be the same at all without him.


11 thoughts on “Those Mountains in the Distance”

  1. I Hope You Dance is one of my favorite songs, too. That's a really beautiful shot of your distant mountains. How great to be able to see so far on those rare, clear, days.

    1. Yes, we have a wonderful view. There another mountain than only shows sometimes … it looks great when the tall cell towers are covered with frost and gleaming in the distance..

  2. I didn't watch the Superbowl but I agree with you about our anthem and unknown singers who do a beautiful job compared to some professional singers. The photos are lovely. Snow in the mountains always bring me joy.–Inger

  3. Thanks for a great post. When songs come on the are 'in our head' or when we meet up or receive a phone call from people on our mind – are a great reminder that we are all so connected. The vibrations we put out and receive are there all along – as soon as we focus – we become magnets! I'm loving this song! — Marge

    1. Marge,That's a wonderful thought! How many times haven't that happened, that you're meaning call someone, the phone rings and it's them?! Or … you haven't seen them in years, decide to call them and then they call. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  4. I just listened to the song and fell in love with it – what beautiful words Lee Ann sings!
    When you couldn't sleep and then couldn't find the cd you wanted, I think you must have been in line with the Universe, as the very song you wanted, was on the TV at that exact moment – incredible! Law of Attraction at it's best!

  5. I do not care much about any sports here in the US. But we had the Super Bowl on. I was not impressed by the commercials. I was glad the Packers won as Jordy Nelson is from Kansas and went to Kansas State University. I missed the beginning of the game but saw the national anthem on YouTube. It was beyond awful. She was simply show-boating herself. Had nothing to do with feeling anything for her country, no matter what she said. It was awful. The half time show was awful also. Yelling but no singing. The young kids might have liked it but what about those a bit older.

    Snow is approaching us now. They were forecasting ice first but the radar shows snow. And it is below freezing here so hopefully no ice just snow. But there is to be high winds with 6 inches of snow. Could get messy.

  6. The commercials in this country cost $3 million dollars for a minute or so. Think of the good that could be done by all those companies. It is a disgrace. Makes me ashamed of us.

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