If I post this blog now…

…will somebody read it? Yes, I think so … at least a few, and for that I’m thankful. That’s perhaps what I love the most about all this — the interaction … meeting people online. The Daily Post-challenge has already meant a lot, even though just a couple of months have gone by.

This wasn’t going to be a blog about blogging. It just came to mind because I was thinking about WordPress. With regards to that challenge, it would perhaps have been a little better to have had the regular, free WordPress.com-blog, because then it links automatically when you tag your posts with ‘dailypost2011‘. How cool is that! Nevertheless … cool or not — I love the freedom that WordPress.ORG grants me.

Last night, before falling asleep, I finished the book I’ve been reading for the last week. «Three Weeks with my Brother», by Nicholas Sparks and his brother Micah. Nicholas Sparks is the guy who wrote «The Notebook» … I believe many people have seen that film.

This book, however, was an interesting experience … at the same time as it was a travel log, it was also a biography. After having read it, it’s like I know the guy very well! I’m even following him on Twitter! Ahhh…. the wonders of the Internet!

Before this, I’d only read one book by him … ‘Nights in Rodanthe‘ — it was the lady in the library, who recommended this one. Reading the remaining part of his production will feel very different now that I “know” him 🙂 These are the type of books that I love to read…

The current snowstorm is raging, as I type. It must have been delayed — they had announced it yesterday, but now it’s Sunday morning. It’s kind of yucky because it’s a mix of snow and rain!

Cat McDuff is cool about it though … no more hiding underneath the kitchen sink when it’s stormy weather.

Big, wet flakes are covering our windows and obscuring the view … there isn’t much of a view anyways — right now it’s a whiteout.  A few black-backed gulls are still soaring in the updrafts, that’s all.


13 thoughts on “If I post this blog now…”

  1. Have you an e Reader. I got a Pandigital color 7 inch screen. Which is good enough not to heavy like the IPad would be. I got my for Christmas and with the snow storm have read 2 books and on my third one. That is one thing with it much easier to just download a book and you got something new to read. Stay warm hope spring gets here soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂
      No, no eReader here. Got a BlackBerry for Christmas. I had a choice there … and went for the BB. I'm quite happy with it … maybe some other time, I'll think about an iPad or something similar to it.. It really sounds like a good idea.

  2. Keep up the good work. It get's frustrating the first few months of writing a blog, but by pressing on your network of contacts will grow.

    Reach out, read a few other blogs and leave comments – it encourages others and they will slowly but surely come back to talk and encourage you.

    1. Thank you, Paul … It already feels better than it did the very first posts.. The WP blog means a lot — both for reaching out and inspiration. I only use those topics occasionally, when my mind is blank. I already have a bunch of drafts in store for those days.

  3. McDuff is a smart cat. He has realized that, this year, if he stays under the sink every time there is a storm, he's never going to come out. He's also very pretty, by the way. I love that smoky grey shade.

    1. Louise,
      Yes! With our weekly, and now bi-weekly, storms … he'd never get out of there! Honestly, I think he might get a headache, like myself, when the air pressure is falling…

  4. HAHAHA!! McDuff is now immune to the storms….he knows he is safe way up high with the birds to watch over him, lol!! sorry the storm arrived late….it kind of slowed down after it left Ontario; weird isn't it?? I saw Sehlley steeves reporting from New Brunswick this morning & it was snowing like crazy…..she said there will be 2 more storms this week…..hope you have alot of reading material & the hot beverage of your choice, lol…..

    1. Sherriellen,
      LOL yeah .. he's getting immune! In fact, I think he's calmed down a lot these recent months .. You know, I used to say that he's somewhat skittish but that has gotten a lot better! Amazing, considering he's more than six years old already… Moving in here, made him calmer in the first place, which I knew it would …

      I've been out and it's so slushy now, with the rain, so it isn't funny! The snow levels really decreased..

      Bring 'em on! We have all we need 🙂

  5. Kattysby there is an app for your Blackberry to read books. I don't use it for the print is to small the eReader you can make the print so much bigger and neat. Hope you can get one soon. You will love it.

  6. Must admit I do not read any books these days. Last book I read was about Mindfulness.

    I used to read novels many many years ago, romantic books lol. I really do not know why I stoped to read. I guess I got busy with other things and now I have no interest to read. Which in a way is a pity I guess. Who knows maybe one day I suddenly start to read books again.

    Bloging, I am trying to do an attempt to blog at Multiply. I really do like to blog so I do not understand why I can not get myself together and really write something every day, like I used to do. Back in the y360 days I sometimes did several posts a day! lol

    That is yet another wonderful photo of McDuff! =o)

    Ha en fin kommande vecka! Kramis

    1. Mona,Good that you brought it up! I have a friend back home, who mentioned that she was reading that book now, and I couldn't remember where I'd heard about it before. It was you! LOL I don't read as much as I used to either … not at all! BUT on the other hand, I read a lot online all the time. I've tried so many times, post-y360, to blog and it hasn't really taken off until now. Now I've got it going and feel good about it. It would be so much fun if more of the bloggers from y360 could start again. I've come across oodles of blogs where people write like we used to back then … about everyday-life. For a while I thought we were the only ones because all I saw were technical blogs, but that was because I was in FriendFeed and they were all into that. Even that is beginning to feel long ago.. Kramisar 🙂

  7. I wondered if you had cats since you named your blog Kattsby. Do you have more than McDuff? He is a very handsome cat, by the way. I've read just two books that made me angry at the US government, something I try to keep off my blog, Zeitung and Brother I'm Dying. And then my Swedish friends sent me Utrensning, by Sofi Oksanen about trafficking in girls from the former Soviet Union. It is a difficult read, so I put it aside for now. Have you heard of it?

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