Once again, we’re under a weather warning! It’s a snowfall warning for this afternoon. Overnight we’ll get RAIN too. Yuck.

If you hadn’t noticed before, I love ducks and I’m trying to practice taking photos of them in flight. So … please, bear with me — here’s another mallard.

As I have stated in the About section of this blog, it will often be about living abroad — differences between my two countries, Canada and Sweden.

After seven years, all the differences have pretty much sunk in and I don’t think so much about it, but every now and then little things pop up. Like the other day … I was opening a new can of coffee. It struck me that back home in Sweden we haven’t had those tin cans for coffee since I was a kid. I don’t know why they did away with them … people used to use the empty ones for paintbrushes and all kinds of stuff. Nowadays, coffee only comes in air-tight, half-kilo-packages.

That fact, that I had not seen them for so many years, made it difficult for me to throw the empty ones away. I got the tendency to hoard them.  I don’t really do that, but I always have one or two empty cans … ‘in store’, so to speak.

Another difference, that I’ve talked about many times before on this blog, but never ceases to amaze me, is the friendly, chatty people. I don’t know if this is particular to this city or a general occurrence along the entire eastern seaboard. That doesn’t matter but what does, is that how a little word … a smile … a «hi, how are you» can put you in a really good mood even if you weren’t to start with. When I was reading a friend’s blog this morning — how a friend had paid her a compliment — I was reminded of how good we have it here, and how a little word can make a huge difference in somebody else’s day. It doesn’t cost you anything…

To me, it means perhaps even more, as where I come from, we don’t make eye-contact with strangers — if you were to smile and say something to a stranger, they’d probably think you’re drunk.

On a different note, this is one of these days when I feel that I could just go on and on writing. Some days are like that for me … I could let me fingers go wild on the keyboard and just keep on typing about anything. This blogging challenge has helped too … both the community that’s forming, and ways of thinking … gettings ideas from reading other blogs. Now … I won’t do that. Personally, I feel that the less you have to scroll when you’re reading a blog, the better … more scrolling = less attention. Don’t know if that’s just me though…


6 thoughts on “Warning”

  1. Well I am like you on the scrolling. I don't think people like to scroll to much to read something. See what is on the screen then move on to another web page. If it isn't all in the screen without scrolling they don't bother reading any more. So it isn't just you I feel the same way. Good picture of the ducks. Stay warm and safe.

    1. Thank you, Rick … birds, all kinds of animals … that seems to be my 'thing', when it comes to photography. Much moreso than landscape.

      The online life is rather fast paced, so I guess people move on very rapidly 🙂

  2. And, you get your milk in bags! We get ours boxes, lol. And, I'm old enough to remember when the milkman delivered glass bottles, and you had to wash the empties and put them in the milk box for him to pick up.

    Rochester is known as a cold city, in more ways then one. Yes, we have cold weather, but, we're another group who don't meet eyes or exchange greetings with strangers. Yet, per capita, Rochester is one of the most giving cities in the United States, in terms of charitable donations. I have an Aunt in Virginia. I'm down there quite a bit and I always laugh at the adjustment I have to make coming and going. It takes me about a day to remember that Virginians smile and greet, and then another day when I get back to remember that Rochesterians don't.

    Oh dear, if you don't like long blogs, you're probably not going to like mine today (when I get it up.) But, it's mostly pictures, if that's any consolation.

    1. Louise,
      It's funny really, how it gets like that … that people in a certain town or city get more chatty or less. They tell me that there are differences just between neighboring towns here.
      While we still lived in QC, we got Rochester on network TV. Buffalo too. Had the impression that there was a lot of violence in Buffalo, due to TV news.

      Oh, there's milk in bags but I never bother about that. I buy the boxes. And I too, am old enough to remember the milk bottles! 🙂 It was kind of cool and perhaps more environment friendly…
      I'm not sure now, but I think in the U.K. they still have bottles… I haven't been there since 1983, so I wouldn't really know.

      With regards to long blogs … I think when they're very long TEXTS, especially in a small font, then people in general lose focus. Unless it's something that they're really, really interested in. Pictures and text mixed … that's a whole different story. Not all people know about the CTRL + to enlarge the text size either…

      The scrolling isn't much of a problem for ME, it's just that I read somewhere that you lose people when they get too long… and I don't want that — I want to keep them, it's the interaction I love about blogging 🙂

  3. First, I love the duck photos..keep them coming… This one has a 3D feel to it.
    Coffee comes in bags here when you just want a bit.. I prefer buying the small bags and different flavors.. kind of a treat to myself and a decison for the morning of which one to drink. Now if you buy in bulk.. well the plastic screw on lid container is what replaced the can. School teachers really like the cans..
    Milk comes in either the waxed carton, or a plastic jug type container… I too remember the milk bottles.. and I even remember the 1/2 gallon glass containers. We really need to go back to the reuseable glass.. The same is true about the glass bottled soda.. I remember gathering bottles and getting a couple of cents for each one returned
    OOPs, maybe I should blogged this..

    1. Cheryl,
      I'm a BIG coffee consumer, and now that I've found a kind that is strong and black enough for me, I buy the 1 kilo cans. Every now and then I like some type of coffee drink, but only when we go out. I'm a Starbucks person LOL …and I get a Mocha Truffle Espresso every now and then, but they're like a dessert almost, so you can't have supper until several hours later 🙂

      When I was a kid, and the very first, waxed cartons came out, they were shaped like pyramids. What a stupid idea! They took up so much space in the fridge, and you had to have a certain holder to put them in … just like with the bags now.

      The plastic jugs are probably cool, but I haven't checked whether there's a price difference, and I'm not sure if they're very environment friendly either. I'm trying to cut back on milk, but it's really hard. For all my life, I've had milk with every meal. I love it, but I don't need it.

      Still have an old Coke-bottle stored away back home … made of glass.

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