Every Picture tells a Story

This picture has a story to tell ME … To you, it doesn’t say much else than that there’s ice on those cones and branches. It was shot exactly two years ago. Before I got the first DSLR camera.

I’d seen a picture in Flickr, with a really good depth of field [when the background is blurry], and I was trying hard to find out how that was done. I asked a Swedish photographer buddy — thought perhaps it would be easier if I had it explained to me in my native tongue. Not so. He could just as well have answered me in Greek or some other foreign language — at that point in time I didn’t even know what aperture was.

About a month later, the Nikon D60 came into my life and until I took the little course, I was even more clueless.

When I went to sleep last night, that sentence … «Every Picture tells a Story» came to mind and the album with Rod Stewart that was released 1971.

I had just turned sixteen when I went away to go to a school … far away from home, in a bigger city. This was BIG … at that age, a year feels like an eternity.

At first, there was excitement. Away from home, from Mom … the freedom, even if I lived in a dorm with a certain amount of surveillance. Then there was homesickness — a bad case of it! In November I became very, very ill with pneumonia and I still remember the long, awful train ride home. I doubt that in today’s socitey, they’d had put me on a seven hour train-ride in that condition.

The second semester things began to look different … both in school and my social life. We had lots and lots of fun, and I realized that the month of June [when we finished], was getting closer with the speed of light. I didn’t want to go back home … I wanted this to go on! We partied a lot and Rod Stewart was immensely popular … the music from that album will be forever associated with that year.

Still … after all these years — forty years later — I remember «Maggie May» sort of playing inside my head as the train left the station…



6 thoughts on “Every Picture tells a Story”

  1. I think every picture tells a story and every story creates a picture. We all just have to open our minds and listen. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I'll be back.

  2. That's all so true. I have Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee" and my last year of college indelibly associated in my brain, along with the picture of a certain little bar that we seemed to spend a lot of time in.

    1. yeah … that too — it was on the Janis Joplin-album my brother gave me. He always bought me music, both for birthdays and Christmas 🙂 Today I was telling Gerry … my spouse, about our little bar … guess I was in a 'memories sort of mood'..

  3. Hello Rebby: Isn't it funny how we associate music with certain periods of our lives; the songs are like markers along the path of Life we have taken….I love the photo too as it ties in beautifully with the title that in fact every picture tells a story. Sometimes I can't find the right words & I look for a phot or go take one myself to express what I want to say….
    My song "back in the day" was by Stealer's Wheel: "Stuck in the middle with You". It was so how my Life was as a teenager /early adulthood….now I can hear Rod singing "Every picture tells a story" in my head…so when I get to Fb I will post a link to the Stealer's Wheel song in honour of you!! LOL….

    1. That's so true, Sherriellen … To me, second to scents … music is what it most strongly connected with memories. A song can put me back in the same mood as I was way back in time..

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