It's Groundhog Day!

It feels like I have special relationship to groundhogs and raccoons.

When I’d arrived in Quebec ‘for real’ (not to visit), it was early May 2004. The first morning, I was standing, looking out over the backyard through the patio door. My eye caught something moving around, slowly, out on the lawn. I couldn’t make out what it was, so I called out to Gerry … ‘please!!! come and have a look … there’s a little animal out on the grass!‘ He just glanced at it and told me it was a groundhog.

At that point, the word ‘groundhog’ didn’t mean anything to me. We don’t have them in Europe. Strangely enough, had he said ‘marmot’ I would have known, but that’s another story that I might write up some day.

I thought it was the most adoreable animal, and we named it Arne, after my uncle. It turned out it lived in the far corner of the backyard. Didn’t take long before we realized Arne was indeed Arnella, because three little ones showed up. Three bungling furballs!

I fed them peanuts most every night … most often they came out in the late afternoon. So much fun to see how quickly the little ones caught on how to peel peanuts.

This photo was shot here in Rockwood Park. I even caught a dandelion in mid-air ๐Ÿ™‚

This year, I don’t think too many groundhogs will see their shadow. We’re awaiting the big winter storm, that the weather-men and women refer to with terms like “epic”, “historic”, “monster storm”. It’s supposed ย to be here around noon.


14 thoughts on “It's Groundhog Day!”

  1. It's a lovely photo! Really nice capture! I do remember your stories about the groundhogs and I know you are a big animal lover =o)

    Well it looks like we will get an early spring as it won't see his shadow. So that is good news. It is NOT good news that you'll get that storm there! Hope you won't lose the power!

    Sköt om dig! KRAMIS

    1. It's hard to imagine a big storm right now … I've seen build-up like this before, when they go on and on about how terrible it's going to be and nothing happens. Especially, I remember Hurricane Earl. That turned out to be a non-event for us here. It's 10 o'clock now … maybe it's the calm before the storm we're experiencing…

  2. Groundhogs are fun to watch, aren't they? I love the way they stand on their hind feet and survey the world, looking like they are getting ready to give a speech. I have a huge old guy who lives under my little barn. If he comes out today, he sure isn't seeing his shadow.

    That monumental storm missed us and I'm still trying to decide whether to be happy or sad. Hope you get just enough snow for it to be fun.

    1. Well, we have it right now and I don't know if it's all that monumental or monstrous. Maybe it lost some steam… We do seem to get a lot of snow though…

      Yeah, they are so special … the lemurs stand up like that too, and it looks just like that — like they're surveying their domain ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I know of nothing except prairie dogs. They live underground. And gophers live underground. Gophers are a manace and ruin the land. Prairie dogs are cool. We have some that live within 20 miles of us.

    1. That was so much fun !!! To watch that little family … the little ones, how quickly they grew!

      The groundhogs in the park here, get pretty used to people, and friendly — they come up to you rather close, for a peanut, but it's not the same as you only see them occasionally.

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