Happy February!

I’ve noticed many people, self included, are sometimes inclined so say febUary… the R gets lost. Even people in the news! Don’t know if this is some kind of trend … like saying ERBS instead of HERBS. There is certainly some explanation for this that I haven’t heard.

It’s so cold so that some kind of vapor is lifting off the river. The smoke from the hospital’s smokestack is going straight up.

Our thermometer says -14C (6,8F) but the weather site online says -24C (-11,2F). They’re either ten degrees off or it’s ten degrees colder out at the airport where they measure this.

They have already put up the red warning sign for the upcoming storm. It will arrive here tomorrow some time.

January is all tucked away, and we’re already into a new, fresh month. Do you have any special expectations of February?

We have St. Valentine’s coming  up on the 14th. Oh, how many hearts I used to make in Photoshop in the ‘old times’… This is just an example.

Did I lose my creativity or did it just take on a different direction? I have no answers…


14 thoughts on “Happy February!”

  1. I read in the dictionary or somewhere that Herbs or erbs is correct. I have always said erbs because I think Herbs sounds like you are talking about someone's uncle. lol

    I also drop the r in February. No expectations here for Feb. except to finish up on mom's stuff.

    It is 11 temp wise here with a sideways blowing wind chill of 11. When it was warm I cracked a window open upstairs. Larry said there is now a small snow drift there. I hear ice falling again now for the first time since last night. Looks like we may have about 12 inches of snow.

    1. that's good … I'll go on saying erbs, and you're right … it sounds like Herb's LOL

      It's already snowing here, but I think it's just 'generic snow'…the storm won't come until tomorrow..

  2. We are also 6F now with high winds and snow. Somewhere between 4-6". I was out once but not for long. February is just another month. Am going to Kansas City to a play this month but that is it to look forward to. Hate that winter is slipping away, dreading hot weather already.

    1. You're going there to play … like, in casino? Sounds fun! Yeah, it's just another month. I too dread the heat and humidity, but I'm enjoying this present as much as I can 🙂

  3. I am very guilty of being lazy in my language. Several words I mess up and it is just a bad habit. My son's name is William and for years – especially when he was a kid – I would hear myself saying Will-yum. Another one is library. My brother, who use to say everything perfect, would call me on the library one.

    1. Will-yum sounds kind of cute 🙂
      I didn't get the library part … I'm a little slow.

      As a second-language-speaker, I'm so lucky nowadays … everything I possibly want to know is readily available by a click of a mouse button…

  4. No, going to a play starring Jamie Farr — Klinger from M.A.S.H. We go on a bus.

    Loving my snow. Sorry for those out in it but live the large drifts and the birds.

  5. February expectations… well, with all this bountiful and beautiful snow, I expect I'd better go out and snowshoe or ski or skate or do something wintery to enjoy it while I have the opportunity, otherwise I will kick myself come summertime!

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