Rounding up

January 2011 is almost over. I’ve posted every day, so I’m keeping up the WP-challenge The Daily Post — so far, so good. I quickly looked through my list of posts for this past months. There’s been a lot of talk about the blogging itself, but also about weather. «This week’s snow storm» will arrive some time Wednesday. I took this picture on the first day of this month, which obviously was New Years Day. Not much snow then! It’s from a cute little place south of here … Chance Harbour.

When these remaining eleven months are over, I hope to have found a couple of subjects to write about … something that could actually interest people … make them come back and perhaps even interact. They always tell you «write about something you know well».

Well … there are things that I know really well that I absolutely do not want to write about. I do know, however, what it’s like to live in a foreign country … a different continent, even. Still, after seven years, I often think about subtle differences.

I do also know what it’s like to live with and speak my second language. Episodes of loss of words are getting farther and farther between, uncertainty about some expressions and idioms still remain. Pronunciation too.

One thing about English, that I’ve learnt, is that there’s no such thing as taking pronunciation for granted, when I read a word. I have a good example of that … the word AWRY.

I’d read that word many times … I knew what it meant, no trouble there …but luckily for me, I’d never felt the need to actually use it in speech. I would have pronounced it like “awe-ri”. 🙂 Don’t remember now how it came about … how I found out how it’s really pronounced — maybe I heard it on TV or something, but I started to laugh out loud when I realized.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around … words that I’ve heard hundreds of times, I would never take a guess on how to spell. Take the word “subpoena”, for example. How many times had I not heard that on crime shows on TV and never paid much attention to it because I knew well what it meant. It was quite the surprise to me when I finally saw it written.

This picture was shot two days after the first one.

Flickr is a well organized and user-friendly website, so I brought up my January photos there. There’s a tremendous amount of ducks and squirrels 🙂 but that’s what I like to do the most … shoot pictures of birds and animals. I wrote a post about it, one night when I couldn’t sleep.


13 thoughts on “Rounding up”

  1. I like your posts AND photos! I just am very bad at checking up your blog! I am less and less online. I am coming on and off I should say. I do not stay for hours and hours like I used to do.

    Usually I come to FaceBook and go playing my silly games, and yes sometimes I see some comments I go and check out and leave a comment back. I do go to my singsite too daily, but I do not sing several songs every day either like I used to, maybe just one or two songs. Some days I do not sing at all.

    Ok enough about me lol.

    You know I were laughing when you told me about the word awry as I would pronounce it just like you said! "awe-ri" haha Have no idea how it sounds like, now I have to go and listen to the word lol.

    Ha en fin dag Rebekah! Kramis!

    1. why, THANK you Mona … for stopping by and taking time out to write. Yes, we move on … in somewhat different directions. In the 'old times' we shared the Paintshopping and all that.. I'd say I'm online most of the time that we're at home. As this laptop is placed here in the drawing room, by my couch … and I sit here most of the time LOL..

      Yes, the awry-word 🙂 it's "a-wry", with the stress on the second syllable and the wry-part sounding like the ai in why.

  2. First of all, I have been meaning to give you this link for quite a while, just in case you don't know about her blog. Inger is another Swedish woman, living her life in a new country. She has been in the US for quite a bit longer than you have been in Canada, I think. She is such a nice person, and I think you might enjoy her.

    English is a weird language. It's my native tongue and there are still times that I will find a word that I don't know how to pronounce. And spelling, oy! Just keep muddling through, you'll do fine!

    I'll keep reading and responding, I enjoy blog interaction. And, as you can tell from my blog, critters and plants are two of the things I enjoy the most.

    1. Hey Louise … that's so cool! I'll go and check out her blog. Funny, because I noticed another commenter on your blog with a very Swedish-sounding family name [not the same lady though] .. Skoog.

      Your blog is calm and cool … that's what appealed to me the first time I visited … the photos of the critters and all that — right up my alley 🙂

  3. On, on eh! Well done on postaday, I'm hoping we get to the end and find we've accomplished more than we set out to do. By the way, the ticker-tape is wonderful, could you email me on how to get one up? Ta.

  4. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog — I'm so happy to meet you. I love Louise and her blog and we have blogger friends who live in Nova Scotia, Jim and Ron and their dog Sophie. Have you checked them out yet? They are great people and their dog is beyond cool. I have actually been to Saint John and seen that river flowing backwards. A very long time ago.

    1. I will check them out … love to meet new bloggers!

      Yeah…the Reversing Falls — took me a few times to get the full grip of the concept. Besides, I had envisioned it totally different — big FALLS flowing backwards LOL

    1. Thank you so much, Jason!
      That was really pretty snow that fell in the beginning of the month … now it's REALLY piling up, and two new storms are on their way..

  5. That's funny about the word "awry". There are several words I'd read long before I heard them pronounced, and I was wrong about the way they are supposed to sound. The word "magician" I used to pronounced "magi-CAN" and I've always had trouble with the word "idyll". So don't feel too bad about getting awry wrong!

    1. Thanks to your comment, Gillian … I now know how to pronounce 'idyll' …I wouldn't have, a few mintues ago LOL …I would have said something completely different.

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