After the Storm

The weather always seems to get more glorious … more brilliant … the day(s) right after a storm. This is my feeling — I’ve no idea if it’s a fact or not.

Yesterday morning was cold — some fifteen degrees below freezing — but it quickly went up to one positive degree, as the day progressed.

When we got outside, it felt much more like an early Spring day than a day in the end of January. Bright sunshine, melting snow in the streets …

Either way, this winter isn’t over in any way, and it’s coming back to prove that later this week … supposedly. New storm on Thursday, I think they said. That’s a very long-term prediction though, so we’ll see about that. Some storm that’s brewing out west is supposed to cross the whole continent before it ends up here, and I don’t know what to believe about that.

I’m fine with whatever weather Mother Nature provides me with now. Love Winter!

Went out to the west side of town, to the grocery store there, to buy a certain cheesecake they have. Our store here in the north end, rarely seems to make it. It has fruit on it … and cream. Sinful!

After that, we just took a ride over town … down to Tin Can Beach, where, by the way, a dead body was found the other day. According to the newspaper, it was found just a little while after we’d been there. No foul play suspected.

In Rockwood Park, people and animals were frolicking. The Clydesdale horses got to get out on a mission too. In the summer time, they get out several times a week, when they are brought uptown. They drag the tourists from the cruise ships around, and that’s an appreciated part of the whole scenario.

The ducks seemed happy enough too. I love ducks, so I guess perhaps I watch them more attentively than most. I’ve noticed that at a certain time in the afternoon, when the sun is getting low, their emerald colored heads turn even more glowingly beautiful than usual.

One duck, I noticed, was banded! There are banded birds there, every now and then — last year, there was a ring-billed gull with a wing tag — but this mallard had bands around both legs! He was too far out on the ice for a close-up though. The gull with the wing-tag, I managed to trace back to a water shed down in Massachusetts.

This day is link a blank sheet of paper … we have no plans so far and can fill it with whatever we want. I managed to sleep until almost nine o’clock and for that I’m very thankful. Usually, these days I’m up “too” early. My morning coffee is now finished and hence I’ll finish up this post too.


10 thoughts on “After the Storm”

  1. I have a blank slate day, too. I think I might go take a walk, since the weather is supposed to be bitterly cold tomorrow, and snowy by Tuesday.

    We share a love for ducks. I look forward to the evening, when they come to the feeder. Greedy little creatures, though. I go through corn at an alarming rate this time of year.

    1. I've always loved mallards … as long as I can remember. Their green heads, I guess … and somehow they look so content as they're paddling around in lakes or ponds. So … when I got the camera, they became my main subject 🙂 Since I came here, I've discovered so many other types of ducks too and learned the names.

      We'll stay close to home today, we just decided. I might take a walk down to the grocery store though … it's open between noon and five o'clock.

  2. We are to get 'your' storm tonite and tomorrow and maybe on tuesday. The worst is maybe south of us but who knows. Yesterday we hit 60s. Right now 23F. Must wear lots of layers to work as my boss keeps the heat on very cool temps. She is quite warm upstairs, but downstairs in my corner office it is frigid. Layers…..

    I read once where the weather forecast is truly only accurate about a day maybe 2 in advance. More than that is just a guess. And oftentimes that is correct.

    1. That is such a difference from our apartment building here. I've talked before about the heat. It's still to hot here. It's mid WINTER, and we still have to keep two windows open and the heating turned off. Only when the wind is coming straight from the north … then it gets a little chilly in here, and we have to close those windows.

      Sometimes I'm really impressed by how accurate their predictions are.

  3. That is awful!!! I would not like that. I do not sleep well if it is too warm.

    Excitement here now!!! Birds are swarming with the impending storm and now cold weather. I saw the first chickadee at the feeders. I hear them outside but none come to eat. And a downy woodpecker appeared. And a morning dove. They are huge. He came soaring down! Hate to go to work. Want to just sit and watch,

    1. Window's always open in the bedroom. I sleep better when it's chilly in there…

      That's great, about the birds. Shame you have to go. The chickadees out in the park seem to eat just about anything. Guess they're being exposed to a very varied diet LOL… Only pigeons here…

  4. People are talking about "this week's storm" almost as if it's a common occurrence. I think it's pretty amazing that the snow has mostly stayed, instead of the usual freeze-thaw cycles we get here. If we get more snow on top of what we already have, I'll have to stand on top of the car to see over the snowbanks!

    And I love your photo of the sleigh ride — it looks like a perfect day for enjoying the best of winter!

    1. Ha ha! I thought about that when I watched Peter Coates, the CBC meteorologist yesterday … lately, he's said that; 'this week's storm' will be here on Thursday 🙂

      Our first Winter here, we had that awful ice storm, which really did a job on all the streets and sidewalks! I'm glad we haven't had that at least…

      Would be fun to go on one of those sleigh rides some time.

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