Holding back

«Are you holding yourself back?» was the question in the Daily Blog over at WordPress.

Yes. Yes I am … and I’ve had this ‘discussion’ before in this blog. To find a healthy balance between being really personal and being … plain shallow — it’s a very fine line. Last night I spent some time reading what other people had to say on this topic and I found that a lot of them felt exactly the same way as I.

There are times … quite often … when I would like to really write about something, but feel that it’s way too personal. What’s holding me back is the fact that there are people who know me in real life that might read this blog. Also, it could turn into a diary.

It’s not like I want to whine … I don’t have anything to whine about and nobody likes a whiner anyway … but there are other subjects that I don’t want to touch upon because of the above. I want to write from my heart, and that’s what I’ll try to do … as best as I see fit… in this blogging journey Daily Post 2011.

The urge to write is something that I seem to have in common with most of the bloggers. I’ve had it since I was a kid. Taking part in this challenge feels good … the the mornings, like now, when I bring up the «New post», I’m looking forward to it regardless of whether I have a topic clear in my head …. or not.

In my younger years, I was an avid writer … letters, diaries …but never aspired to become a writer, and not now either. That may have to do with my outlook on myself, lack of self confidence or something … I’m not doing psycho analysis here. I just loved the feeling of spilling my innermost feelings and thoughts in my little notebooks. Then the Internet came around and now it feels like my blog is my little notebook … my nook on the web. Writing for me is pure fun … not the chore it could become if you do it for a living.


8 thoughts on “Holding back”

  1. Hey, I like a good whine every now and again. But, you're right, I hold myself back on my blog, too. I'm a little wary about spreading myself all over the internet. You never know who might be reading. Does that make me paranoid, too?

    1. Last summer, I could have whined every day …wishing the hot and humid weather to go away LOL …so then I REALLY held myself back.

      I'm not really paranoid … I think 🙂 It's just that there's always the risk that someone whom I really know would read it. But what the heck …I have Facebook too, and there you're supposed to use your real name.

  2. Don't hold back…..if people you know have seen your blog, then they should understand. I don't think you would have anything bad to say about anybody…let em read it…no biggie…it will probably be more interesting to the rest of us! We can't let feeling what others feel about what we write affect what we put down! In most cases it may help some of the ones you write about!

    1. Hi and thanks,
      Oh it wouldn't be about anybody else … it would be my own thoughts or memories that I'd rather share with an anonymous public than people I know.. But you're definitely right about that sometimes it could help others! I'll think about it.. 🙂

  3. Guess I will continue to hold back. I have gone back and looked at my handwritten journals and think………"what was I thinking…..writing about that". Once it is out on the internet you can't take it back.
    Since I have been blogging and making comments I have been called a "Moron" and a "cow" and a couple of others I forgot. ( thinking now of North Carolina but forgot what she called me ) lol See no use in making it worse for myself. Guess I just don't relate to others well.

    1. It was SC … and she said I was a phony.
      I left all my handwritten journals back home. They're all in my brother's house. I must have been totally mixed up then … when I left them.

      Most of the times you can remove them. If you can't take down the whole blog in one fell swoop, you can delete posts.

  4. Writing is a kind of freedom…. but then when you blog you start feeling like you have to meet other peoples' expectations, or at least show some kind of consistent voice (whatever that is). One of the things I like about your blog is that you don't try to make it into a polished masterpiece; it contains little bits of you, your interests and thoughts and — look there's a bird — just as if we were sitting right there with you.

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